Interested in using web services in your native C/C++ code?

Interested in using web services in your native C/C++ code?

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If you are planning to use web services in your native C/C++, here is how you can learn how you can do that.

1)      On 04/01/2009, Nikola Dudar will be hosting a web cast on Windows Web Services API as part of   Microsoft Virtual TechDays for Developers. Nikola is going to introduce Windows Web Services API and demonstrate how using WWSAPI you can build web services and clients to them. You can register for the session here.

2)      You can watch video recordings from talks on building web services in native C/C++ code:

a.       Introduction and tutorial on building native C/C++ clients  to web services using Windows Web Services API during PDC 2008.

b.      Open discussion with answers to frequent questions about Windows Web Services API and how they help with building web services in native code on the Channel 9.

c.       Outline of advantages of using native C/C++ code to build web services and description of key steps involved from TechEd 2009.

3)      Follow links to all online resource available for building web services and clients to web services in C and C++ code you may find on this page.

4)      Follow Web Services in Native C++ code series of posts on Nikola’s blog and Hao’s blog.

You have any questions or need help with this task, please browse to the forum on Windows Web Services API. You can also send suggestions and file bugs using the Connect site.

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  • on the site the "view recording" link shows this one as "cancelled due to no presenter"  

    Can the presenter confirm that indeed it was cancelled?  If not can you have them correct their site to include the recording of the presentation?

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately there was a problem with the recording of this session. You can watch the recording of a similar session from PDC 2008 here,



  • I am new to programming and was wondering how you would get started in C++.?

  • Hi Jared,

    Jonathan Caves a member of our team has posted about recommend books on this MSDN forum,

    Thank you,

    Visual C++ Team

  • I posted this on another blog entry earlier, but I thought it might do good to ask here as well:

    What are the benefits of using the WWSAPI vs. doing an IJW interop (native and managed c++) ? Is it more performant? One advantage to an IJW approach is having the .NET Framework available to use and abuse - but then again, I consider myself more of a .NET guy going into c++ than the other way around, and it seems like this API caters more towards the latter...

  • Hi - I've got a general question about using C++/CLI or native C++ code with any .NET feature. When I suggest using C++/CLI or native code for any new development, I meet with immediate resistance - "Why not use C#"?

    No offense to the kids across the hall, but I just like C++ better in general and I am really starting to love C++/CLI (just out of spite, I’m doing a lot of development using managed code in MFC apps!) but I still have to hang my head in dejection and sulk from the room when ever someone yells out “But what about Partial Classes?”

    Please tell me there’s a plan to bring partial classes to C++/CLI!  I know Bjorn didn’t think of it, but I don’t think he’ll really mind if you extend C++/CLI to include them (it’s really the linker’s job, not the compiler’s to figure out what to do with partial classes, so he really shouldn’t mind anyway).

    Then if you give C++/CLI partial classes it can stop being the ugly-step-child to C# and you should be able to do anything .NET with C++/CLI (WPF, WCF and WF would be really great!)

    Thanks for listening.


  • TO:Lucas about IJW vs. native code

    I have posted a demo on my blog which demonstrates what happen when a native code engine is wrapped with managed code that exposes a web service. If you run this demo, you should get feel of performance difference of these two solutions. Because of the cost involved in crossing managed/native code boundary, the throughput of a service that uses such solution will be 2x-4x times less than a completely native code solution. This is why when it comees to exposing native code as a web service, our recommendation is to use Windows Web Services to completely avoid managed/native code interop.

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