VS Project Team Blog Is Up!

VS Project Team Blog Is Up!

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The VS Project team, part of Platform team, own the C# and VB project systems brought their expertise to the table along with the VC++ team to give you an extensible and much more powerful project system.  The team maintains a blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/vsproject/ where we will blog about project system topics in much more detail. Stay Tuned!!!


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Visual C++ Team

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  • Would these be the chaps you had to pester if you wanted those horrendous old JS-based C++ project wizards replaced by something nice and sane like the other languages have? Or is that still the VC++ team's responsibility?

    Whoever "owns" these, I think an upgrade is long overdue. Trying to define a new VC++ project type is just a scary process. Messing around with scarcely-documented JavaScript API's should not be necessary if I just want to define a new type of C++ projects substituting the default configuration for my own.

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