Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Is Now Available For Download

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Is Now Available For Download

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We are very pleased to announce we have released Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2.  You can read the official Beta 2 announcement on Soma’s blog. The Visual C++ team has added a few new features and, of course, many bug fixes. The additional features include some substantial new functionality in the MFC library and the return of the MFC Class Wizard. We  are currently filming some Channel 9 videos and writing a few VC Blog posts. Our first two Channel 9 videos on Beta 2 are already online.  The video on the C++0x Language feature “nullptr”  is here and the video on the MFC features is here. You can download Beta2 from this location.  Please be sure to continue to watch this blog for updates.   As always we welcome your comments/suggestions/criticisms on our blog.


Thank you,

Damien Watkins and Kelly Evans

Visual C++ Team


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  • Unfortunatly, I was not able to evaluate VS2010 because of :

    - text editor forcing Clear Type. I can't stand Clear Type, even after hours of tuning with the official Clear Type tuning tool

    - solution explorer failure to open files 50% of the time, even in a newly created project (very weird), just saying 'cannot open file'

    - converted project failed to build with 'null reference exception' error

    - random 'null reference exception' clicking anywhere (and no, i don't have any plugin)

    - none of these bugs are reproducible, at the exception of clear type

    I'm really disappointed, there are very great improvements for C++ and I was really excited about them. I hope this will be fixed in the final release.

  • Hello Sam

    I am very sorry that your first experience with VS2010 Beta 2 has been so disappointing. I would like to understand exactly what is happening here, if you have the time to follow up with some more details. It would be a great start to know what OS you install VS2010 Beta 2 on (and if it a clean machine) and which options you selected during the product installation process. What versions, if any, of VS were already installed (both Released and CTP/Betas). When you say you had issues with a newly created project, what type of project was that and which options you changed from “default”, again if any. Feel free to either post this information here or send me this in an email, my email address is my first name at Microsoft.


    Damien Watkins

    Visual C++  

  • I'm particular not satisfied about how VC2010 implements nullptr in cli, I think I'll post the details in the thread that talk about this.

    Sadly discovered that still no intellisense for cli, chaos will arrive in the cli community, that I'm sure.

  • Beta2 is generally much better than Beta1(faster and more  stable). But I still have 2 questions:

    1. I noticed the ClearType font in TextEditor is better compared with beta1, but I still not feel very comfortable about it. I just feel the font (Courier New) in TextEditor is not as "solid" as it in other part of GUI (like Solution Explorer and Menus). It seems that the  font in TextEditor is not affect by the ClearType Tuner, is that true?

    2. When I convert some of my VS2005 project to VS2010, they just can not build, and I found that it is because including the wrong header file. Previously some default include directory are in both include directories and exclude directories but after converting they are removed from the include directories (still in exclude directory). Is that the behavior by design? In my opinion, it cause some inconsistence there.

    Anyway, beta2 is awesome, good job!

  • I successfully converted and built our large mixed (C++/CLI and Native) project from 2008. Congrats! (Beta 1 failed that test.)

    Can anyone tell me what do I need to do to switch on Reference Highlighting for C++ code?


  • Windows Embedded CE has a C++ Silverlight port. (

    Having a native XAML / Silverlight framework would be also beneficial for the Desktop.

    This would allow also native developers to develop modern UIs.

    If you think that having a native XAML/Silverlight framework for the Desktop is a good idea please sign this petition:

  • Beta 2 fails horribly at opening C++ projects. Intellisense starts "scanning #includes for additional files" and never finishes. After few minutes total number of files to parse is around 500K. It never finishes and just runs out of memory. This happens with simple Console C++ project.

    Reported in Connect already.

  • This is really buggy.  Intellisense is hanging and I have to kill vcpkgsrv or whatever that process is called (filed under connect). It's also ignoring some external build dependencies.  

    Is there a way to send my gigantic solution to someone at ms so they can try to build it and iron out all the build issues?

  • Hello.

    I'm curious about what is the rationale behind the decision to go back to the old deployment concept which doesn't involve Fusion? The simple bullet point remark in the breaking changes article is just announcing the change, but not explaining it. I searched for an explanation without success. Can you guys elaborate on this? I see this as a significant change of course, so maybe a separate blog post would be appropriate. Also, is this the final state of affairs or are we going to see another turnaround in the next version?


  • Hello Aleš

    Thanks for the suggestion of a VC Blog post on the rationale and implementation of the new (reverted) deployment model. Actually we already do have this in the pipeline and George is working on this post currently (along with addressing Beta 2 comments/feedback/bugs – so it will not be up this week but we will try and get it posted shortly.)

    Thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback and keep an eye out for George’s post!



  • Hello Marek

    Thanks so much for reporting this via Connect – this is always our preferred way to handle suggestions, issues and/or bugs, etc. We will reply via the connect site, so I will post a link here if others want to follow:  



  • Hello JK,

    I'm sorry that you're seeing VCPkgSrv.exe crashing like that.  Needless to say, these crashes are hard to repro without following exact pattern of editing you did or parsing your particular sources.  So, I'm extremely interested in seeing your solution, and use that to iron out issues you're running into.  Can you please email me directly (batul at microsoft . com) and we get a direct conversation going between us in how I can get hold of your sources?


    Ulzii Luvsanbat

    Windows C++ Team

  • @Bovine:

    What are the missing include directories that you needed to add by hand in VS2010? Are you referring to VS default values or values you specified in VC++ Directories and didn't get migrated from VS2008?


    What type of issues are you seeing with your build? Did you get any warnings in the conversion log that may be related to these issues?

    Feel free to post your replies here or follow up in email with me at mluparu at microsoft dot com.



  • Here's what I found in a few hours of testing.

    Good points about beta 2:

    * Didn't hit any compiler issues.

    * The CRT regressions I hit earlier have been fixed (i.e. VirtualDub doesn't crash on startup).

    * Editor/UI has improved noticeably, with antialiasing quality issues reduced and no more WPF debug D3D errors.

    Problem areas:

    * The installer reported a failed install due to an error about missing installation media, when I had fixed that and hit Retry, and the installation had succeeded. This happened because the setup program tried to restart after a required reboot before I had a chance to manually remount the ISO.

    * The v7.0A Platform SDK introduces a number of issues relative to the one shipped with VS2005, the worst one being that <qedit.h> is missing. It also conflicts with older DirectX SDKs, which can cause problems when settings from older VS versions are imported.

    * I hit a weird problem with stale include paths. Somehow, MSBuild was using imported include paths from VS2005 even though the UI didn't show those paths in the property sheet editor for the project or for the user-local property sheet. Editing the user sheet made the problem go away and I can't reproduce it anymore. I suspect this may have been due to the previous VS2010b1 installation (which I uninstalled prior to installing b2).

    * Intellisense has some issues -- several times F12 (Go to Definition) brought up a window pane with two blank entries.

    * The project system is still quite a mess. Projects converted from VS2005 throw a lot of warnings, and the bug with files that are excluded in a config and have custom build rules still building is still there (reopened). I can't edit All Platforms on a project imported from VS2005 (filed). Relative paths in the output directory cause lots of warnings and problems (already filed). Double quotes in the output list for a custom build rule break post-conversion (not yet filed).

    * The new help system is a disaster so far. I tried for about an hour to get any local help to work to no success. The local help installation procedure is byzantine and really needs more status indicators, especially when it is copying or downloading very large files. The server occupies port 80, which is obnoxious if anyone wants to run a local web server for testing. There doesn't appear to be an index. IMO, of all of the areas in 2010, this by far needs the most improvement to reach shippable state.

  • > I'm sorry that you're seeing VCPkgSrv.exe crashing

    > like that.  Needless to say, these crashes are

    > hard to repro without following exact pattern

    Here is the exact pattern to reproduce the bug, enjoy

    regards, dmitry

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