Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Is Now Available For Download

Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Is Now Available For Download

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We are very excited to announce the release of Visual Studio 2010’s Release Candidate. The official announcement can be found on Soma’s blog. You can download the RC from this location and it includes a go-live license for people who want to deploy in their production environment. This release incorporates many Customer Connect bug fixes and includes significant performance improvements.  Just like Beta2 you can log Customer Connect bugs for this release. Here you can find a list along with descriptions of what is new in Visual Studio 2010. We are excited to see your feedback and answer your questions.


Thank you,


Kelly Evans

Visual C++ Team

  • Not only a few more clicks, but the property sheets, if I am not mistaken, are horrible, as well. Having to enter paths manually and separate them with semicolons is hardly user friendly.

    Why can't you just let the global paths option be, as it was in VS2008 and before? You are not obligated to use it in any way.

    And despite what you may think, it's certainly a killer, in sense that it makes the IDE so much more annoying to use properly. I will pass on the RC and wait for the final version and I can only HOPE that Microsoft restores this as it was before.

  • I don't mind the new place to setup directories, the average person trying to compile my code out of source control could not find the old one either. However, RC still escapes some characters like ( ) to %hex codes.

    @Pat Brenner (MSFT): But there are still two different implementations. One "light" version if you don't use MFC and the regular if you do.

  • @Ashira: Sometimes it pays to actually *look at* the feature you're complaining about before you complain.

    If you'd done so, you'd have seen that the UI is actually *the same* as it used to be. You open the property manager, click on the property sheet, select VC++ directories, and enter the paths *exactly as you used to*. Not semicolon-separated, just one path per line. And you have the same "browse" button too, for finding navigating to the folder instead of typing it in.

    The UI is the same as it used to be. It's just found by doubleclicking on a property sheet instead of entering the Options dialog.

    So no, I don't think it's a "certainly a killer". They've given us the best of both worlds, the flexibility of property sheets, and the UI we used to have for editing the paths.

    The only complaint I have is that it'd be nice to have a more accessible shortcut to editing this property sheet -- it seems silly that I have to load a solution before I can edit settings shared by all new projects. But that is pretty minor, and far from being "a killer".

  • type


    and compile, then compiler crash

  • Concerning property sheets: they are very useful and I've been using them in 2008, but the UI for setting them up is pretty terrible-- it would be nice if it were possible to easily copy the property sheet inheritance from one project to another.  Basically every time I add a project to my solution I have to then manually go and add 6 property sheets(3 build settings * 2x property sheets per setting). Very very tedious.

  • Concerning linking in VS 2010 RC-- is anyone else having trouble getting automatic linking of static projects to work? I've done this dozens of times in VS2008 without trouble, but in RC linking never seems to work unless I manually add the lib into the additional dependencies(tried all the linker settings-- nothing helps).

    Is there some new secret to how this works in VS 2010?

  • @shaz

    Yes, I get exactly the same problem - I have to manually add references now. Don't know if it's by design or a bug though.

  • Hi. I have a question: Why did you (in vs2010 beta and in msdn documentation) resigned from side-by-side installation of redistributables and went back to 90's dll hell?

    Does that mean that microsoft is slowly retracting from the idea of WinSxS?

    Best Regards.

  • jalf:

    In the beta, so far as I understood, the only way was the property sheets which were terrible. And that is exactly why I asked if it had been fixed.

    I'm not about to download this big download and wait 5 hours for it to install just to check whether it has been fixed.

    For that matter--I don't know if it's been fixed now, but anyway--uninstalling the 2010 beta while having 2008 installed corrupts the 2008 installation, NOT something I want!

  • ryouj888: thank you for the bug report.  If you'd like, you can file this report on Connect and have tracking information about it.  At this point, it is unlikely that we will be fixing this for VS2010.  Here is a workaround:

    struct C{

     void foo(){

       decltype(this) pc;

       decltype(*pc) c = C();




  • @Ashira: I uninstalled VS 2010 beta on two machines where VS2008 SP1 is installed as well. No problems with VS2008 after uninstalling the beta.

  • @jalf, regarding editing the property sheets controling VC++ directories, these property sheets are located at $(USERPROFILE)\appdata\local\microsoft\msbuild\v4.0 directory. You can manually edit them without launching IDE.

    Yes, I agree some kind of shortcut to directly edit these files is a good idea.

    Li Shao, Project and Build Team

  • @Gabest:  I will look further into the CString implementations to see if there is more merging that we can do in a future release.

    Pat Brenner

    Visual C++ Libraries Development

  • @shaz

    For the property sheets, you could consolidate into one property sheet per build setting in to reduce the amount of clicks.  Another way is to edit the project via editor and copy and paste the set of property sheets.  All the property sheet data should be grouped up with a Label="PropertySheets".

    Reference to a static lib project should automatically added the .lib to link.  Could you open a connect issue so we can look at it?

  • @shaz, like Felix mentioned, please make sure you have project to project reference for the static lib project. You can take a look of this forum post:

    If the static lib is an IJW project, we do have a known bug that you have to manually add the lib explicitly as additional dependencies and this is not likely to be fixed for the final release.

    Li Shao, Project and Build Team

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