Visual Studio 2010 is Now Available

Visual Studio 2010 is Now Available

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I am very happy to announce that Visual Studio 2010 is now officially available! The formal announcement can be found on Soma’s blog and you can download VS 2010 from here.

Visual Studio 2010 is a great release for C++ developers. Top reasons you should look at VS2010:

1.       Performance and productivity on large C++ source bases

First off, we completely revamped IntelliSense to make it more accurate and more robust on a large and complex C++ code. An IntelliSense parse of a core header file now only takes seconds instead of minutes. We also added new features that make it easier for you to work with larger sources. My favorites are: “Navigate To” which allows you to quickly navigate to any file or symbol definition from anywhere in your source code, and “C++ Squiggles” which highlights errors in your source code without having to wait for a rebuild. Moreover, with the move to MSBuild as the build engine for C++, you get more flexibility and extensibility in configuring and diagnosing your build process.

2.       Windows 7 support in MFC

MFC has been extended to add support for key Windows innovations. For example, we make it easier for you to add a Windows ribbon and design its interface using the integrated Ribbon designer. We also added support for key Windows features such as multi-touch, restart manager, high DPI and Shell preview and thumbnails. It’s also a lot easier now to add support for your documents in Windows search as well as integrate with the Windows 7 taskbar.  Oh, and if you’re a VC6 fan, you’ll love that we brought back the MFC Class Wizard (now with integrated search!).

3.       Concurrency

VS2010 provides new libraries and tools that make it easier for C++ developers to write applications that leverage the power of multi-processors. The new Parallel Patterns Library exposes a higher level of abstraction to dealing with concurrency than raw Operating System threads. It also adds new thread-safe containers (similar to STL) that can be used in a multi-threaded application. We have also improved the debugger and profiler to make it easier for you to diagnose concurrency problems.

4.       C++ language conformance

We implemented some key language and library features from the proposed C++0x standard that make it easier for you to write better and more modern C++ code. Some of my favorites are the ‘auto’ and ‘decltype’ keywords for automatic type inference as well as the support for lambda expressions (which works really well together with the parallel patterns library).

And the list goes on! If you wish to know more about the new features in VS2010 for C++ developers, check out Sumit Kumar’s latest MSDN magazine article here.

These improvements could not have been done without the overwhelming support of our customers. Thank you all for the feedback you have and continue to provide via Connect, the Forums, and this blog.

Craig Symonds

Visual C++ Group Program Manager

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  • I expected not to have Intellisense for my C++/CLI files (cf. tirade launched against Boris by many)

    but... in RTM it seems that Intellisense does not work for ANY C++ file (regardless of /clr setting) IF there is a /clr file used in the project.  

    This was not the case in the beta I tested and adds insult to injury.

  • Is this for sale today or is Amazon saying June 2010 because it's been blacklisted?

    Can one buy this without the msdn essentials "extra"?  I don't need the OSes or anything else in there so why would I have to pay "Extra" for "essentials" that are not?

  • Sorry. But the Express Edition can't use add-ons, and the Professional Edition is too expensive. I'd love to use 2010, but Microsoft priced themselves out of a market for no apparent reason.

  • Why does the just-downloaded vs 2010 c++ express splash page show


    I'd like to know since I somehow didn't read the EULA, what in that tiny box and all.

  • I see I'll find out in soon enough since it says

    29 days remaining

    Don't you think you shouldn't call this free if it's just a trial version?

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

    Version 10.0.30319.1 RTMRel

    Microsoft .NET Framework

    Version 4.0.30319 RTMRel

    Installed Version: VC Express

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010   01013-532-2002287-70800

  • Just antoher complaint because C++/CLI intellisense does not work anymore.

    Hope you'll include the missing feature in a Service Pack!

    Well guys, I think you have had a hard time trying to explain that to your managers >:->

  • - Jeff, we have a problem

    - What is it Boris?

    - Intellisense does not work for C++/CLI

    - ... !!!

    - It is a question of resource and time. Too much to do, not enough people...

    - You kidding!!!! Customers will kill me when I meet them!

  • Got it.  Express version must be registered.  I see.  I saw.  Ho-hum.  I shouldn't complain but I expected ,,, more?  I can only imagine the real versions have the more that would make it more than ho-hum.

    Still can't change several colors, and it is so annoying to flash bright white on collapse, etc.

    I may use it as an editor, rather than what I do now and start another 2005 instance.

  • Well, let me break from what seems to be the standard comment for this:

    Congratulations! I hope if feels pretty good to have the release behind you.

    I'm looking forward to messing around with the C++0x stuff.

  • Guys, one thing I found out during the launch event is that Intel has implemented a lot of VC++'s parallel stuff in their Thread Building Blocks library, which is portable and Open Source.

    If you're like me and worry about keeping your code portable, worry no longer!

  • So how "faster" is the RTM build compare against the RC build? I'm using RC now and it's killing me (well it's faster than beta2 but still much slower than 2008 SP1, not to mention the constantly break-down). If the situation didn't change much in RTM, I think I'll roll back to 2008...

  • BTW: Even with the slow speed and constantly break-down, I still love 2010. Good job guys!!

    (If you wish to know, I'm using Pentium E6300, 2GB of memory, GF9500GT and Vista SP2, I don't think these is going to be the bottleneck)

  • Hi Craig,

       Can you give us a date when you are planning to release an update with C++/CLI intellisense? I don't imagine how you can release the product without this feature when it was present in previous versions...

       Thanks in advance,


  • The native C++ compiler toolchain is very good,but the IDE is realy too ugly,too slow.

  • Hi guys,

    I would also like to know when a release is planned to include intellisense for C++/CLI - sounds like it is more of a problem than I thought at first from the first comment as we have quite a lot of apps with pure C++ and a few bits of 'glue' compiled with /clr.

    Think I will hold off installing until then.


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