VS2010 Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack

VS2010 Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack

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Recently we announced the availability of Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack for MSDN subscribers which complements the Architecture tools in VS2010. There is great C/C++ code visualization support in there. Read a blog post by Somasegar here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/somasegar/archive/2010/06/17/modeling-websites-and-native-code.aspx




VC++ Team.

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  • Have to say I'm disappointed at Microsoft's desperate money-grabbing here. So we need to pay for a MSDN Ultimate subscription to get what *should* be a fairly basic tool: visualizing dependencies between .cpp and .h files?

    On some platforms, the dev tools are pretty much a service offered to attract developers to the platform.

    On Windows, it sometimes seems like the strategy is to monetize the dev tools enough to fund development of the next version of Windows.

    No wonder the Windows software ecosystem is such a mess.


    And yeah, I know this isn't the VC team's fault.

  • It is not for individual programmers who have 1 or 2 small appz and sell them for  20 or 50 dollars.

    This pack is for the big companies who have many applications and sell software worth thousands of dollars and can splash 12,000 USD for the Ultimate edition.

  • Why not checkout MDG Integration for Visual Studio from Sparx Systems


    Currently doesn't VS2010, but a new release is in the works from what I hear.

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