The Visual C++ Weekly Vol. 1 Issue 2 (Jan 8, 2011) Is Out

The Visual C++ Weekly Vol. 1 Issue 2 (Jan 8, 2011) Is Out

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C++ MVP Kenny Kerr starts a new series on modern Windows development with C++0x. Intel features a highly parallel optimized crowd simulation technique. Get All-In-One: a code sample library for Microsoft development technologies. C++ MVP Kate Gregory shares a “lost+found” ISO technical report on C++ performance. And much, much more in the current issue of The Visual C++ Weekly.

  • i cannot open the link address, is it my problem?

  • So, did you forget about this already? ;) I'd expected you to make it to week 3 before forgetting. :)

  • It's there, @jalf. Check Although for some reason, from the original 7 articles only 5 were posted. Issue #4 will contain those two articles that weren't caught last time. I must update the blog reflecting that (touché).

    @imcc I could open it well. Can't you really open it yet?

  • Ah sorry. I always thought of it as a blog feature rather than a separate project, so it didn't really occur to me that it'd be updated on its own site without a mention here on the blog. But now you mention it, it is obvious.

    My bad then. :)

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