Herb Sutter: “Coding, like Speaking a Language, Implies that You Think in that Language”

Herb Sutter: “Coding, like Speaking a Language, Implies that You Think in that Language”

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Erik Meijer –host of the “Expert to Expert” series in Channel 9- interviews Herb Sutter -an Architect on the VC++ team and chair of the C++ Standards Committee.

In this thought-provoking talk, Herb and Erik cover generic programming, function objects, lambdas, futures and argument passing by value vs. by reference, among other topics.

This talk is very interesting for those who already know C++ but never thought about the reason why some of its features were designed the way they are. This talk is also useful for those developers coming from managed languages, who are looking to native development for its uncontested leadership in power and performance (especially for immersive applications).

We are featuring the 1-hour length chat in this same post for those who have Silverlight installed. You may eventually visit Channel 9 to find other formats (including HTML5 or MP4).

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  • Hi,

    For a lot of different reasons, it would be really helpful to provide a text version of this kind of video.

    I understand that it would be some work but not everyone can access nor listen to such video from where they are...

    Thanks for considering.

  • Two more reasons: Reading is faster (and supports skimming), and you can't usefully search videos. Channel 9 is an utter waste of time for my purposes.

  • Couldn't agree more.

    Video interviews are killing the ability to index information on the Internet.

    I rarely want to sit through an hour interview, the substance of which I could scan from a printed article in 5 minutes.

  • Oh, and Video has massive limitations in terms of accessibilty and translation.

  • Yeah, I'm getting a little tired of all these hour-long videos popping up. It's far easier to deal with a written article that goes over the same material. Are you really expecting people to sit there in front of their PC for a whole hour watching this stuff? As much as I like programming, the lengths of these things are off-putting.

    That is an awesome shirt though.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Skimming videos is not impossible, in fact. We support time point indexing and that is missing from this piece because I didn't have time to add links for each topic discussed. In terms of transcription, this is certainly something we want to do for our longer C9 pieces, but it reauires time and expense. That said, we really should transcribe key pieces of content like this.

    C (Channel 9)

    PS: Searching inside video content is also not impossible and you will see this show up on Channel 9 some day.

  • @Charles9: I don't think we're talking about the same skimming behaviors here. What you describe sounds a lot more like a section skip, and when I skim I do so at a finer granularity (or looking for keywords). Besides, I don't care how wonderful the audio search is, it's STILL going to be an order of magnitude slower than text to listen to the entire talk.

    As it is, there is absolutely no chance I could spend an hour at work listening (let alone watching, if there are visuals beyond talking heads), so Channel 9 (and unfortunately about half of the various VS blogs) might as well be about/blank to me. Give me searchable transcripts (and the occasional screenshot) that I can copy, paste, and forward to colleagues, and my team would probably have half your database memorized by March.

    Come on, hire a couple interns/contractors and turn them loose. I'd much rather have 50 readable articles than 500 video abominations.

  • Reading is booooriing. I vote for video!

  • @Bob: Fair enough. Channel 9 is not for everybody. That said, we will think seriously about providing transicription (which can in turn be used for captioning our videos, with a little more work). I'm happy that you care. Channel 9 is about listening as much as it is spraying video everywhere in one direction. We hear you.


  • I'd love transcripts. The subject matter is great, but finding the time to watch these videos in their entirety is really difficult.

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