Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++ (Book in Progress)

Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++ (Book in Progress)

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Parallel Programming with MS Visual C++

The patterns & practices group is writing a new guide that will introduce Visual C++ programmers to patterns for including parallelism in their applications. Examples of these patterns are parallel loops, parallel tasks and data aggregation with map-reduce. Each pattern has its own chapter. Each chapter includes a description of the problem, an example of where the pattern is applicable, and code that implements the solution. On this site you will find; a preliminary draft of the book, the accompanying code samples and answers to the end of chapter questions.

The authors just dropped chapters 4 and 5 in CodePlex, looking for feedback by Wednesday February 2nd. You’ll get here these draft chapters and information about how to enter a review.

  • Is Visual Studio Express not enough just to run the examples ? It is mentioned that at least VS 2010 Professional is needed to run the examples.

  • I'm waiting for C++0x before diving into serious parallel programming.

  • Jagannath:

    It most likely uses things like OpenMP which are only supported in the professional compiler toolset. But if you download and install the Windows SDK 7.1 then you will get that compiler version. So try that to see if it helps, otherwise it needs something in the IDE itself which isn't available in the Express IDE.

  • VS Express should work. I may need to create a second solution for it to account for Express not supporting solution folders. For now you could load the individual projects. I'll update the CodePlex page to reflect this.


    Ade Miller

  • I updated the code tonight with the latest fixes to and to sync it with the final book sample text. I also added a VS Express specific project and updated the readme to reflect that Express is supported.

    We've had a lot of downloads. If you have feedback it's probably too late to incorporate it into the book but I can certainly fix any bugs in the source code and would be happy to hear from you.

    Note all the samples use the PPL and Async Agents Library, not OpenMP.



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