The Visual C++ Weekly Vol. 1 Issue 6 (Feb 5, 2011)

The Visual C++ Weekly Vol. 1 Issue 6 (Feb 5, 2011)

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For this week roundup, we start with a game that C++ MVP Marius Bancila code, inspired on his favorite phone game. You can download the code and study or just play it right away. We tell you how to validate, in Visual Studio 2010, C/C++ code against architecture layer diagrams in order to avoid cross-layer dependencies. C++ MVP PJ Naughter offers an MFC GUI control class which implements display of OpenStreetMap tiles. Cameron and Tracey Hughes discuss on threads and contention. C++ MVP Giovanni Dicanio explains a technique to convert STL strings of different Unicode character width. In our entrepreneur column, we publish the results of the last MicroISV pain point survey in order to identify and increase awareness of common issues facing microISV operators. But this is not all: you’ll find more valuable information in the latest issue of The Visual C++ Weekly.

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  • 6 issues passed, I still cannot access it because it's blocked by my employer at work and by the ISP provider at home. Is possible you provide some downloadable copy here in this blog when you announce it?  Either PDFs or XPSs is OK. Thanks.

  • @tom, if you check our Twitter account,, you'll find that all the articles included in the weekly are tweeted (in fact, uses the twitter accont to semantically "comprehend" the different parts of each article (title, intro, etc) in order to compose the Weekly. You'll get all the content listed in twitter. We cannot unfortunately generate a .PDF with these articles because they are protected for copyrigth laws. We'll include a list with links, though.

  • thanks for responding. Twitter IS the problem here. I have no access to it. Is it possible to host your content in an ordinary url or even inside this blog?

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