C++ Renaissance: a Channel 9 Interview

C++ Renaissance: a Channel 9 Interview

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If you don’t know Charles Torre, I’ll introduce him here: Charles is a BIG fan of C++ and he works for Channel 9 (in that order). Charles is the one to blame about the acclaimed series that Stephan put together about STL (beside Stephan himself). And Charles is encouraged to do more and more and more. So to put a beginning in an expectable increase in C++ material to be seen in Channel 9, he interviewed two Visual C++ top executives -Technical Fellow Mohsen Agsen and Director PM Craig Symonds- about the current perceived trends regarding C++ in the developer industry, that Mohsen synthesized in one concept: Renaissance.

You can watch the interview here, and expect for more stuff to come!

  • @David: I think the WP7 team have revolutionized Microsoft's smartphone business..Much kudos to them for this. I have no idea what the future plans are for native support on Windows Phone. You should send feedback to the WP7 team. :)


  • @Charles: out of curiosity, how exactly does one do that? I don't see them on Connect.

    (And why is it that the Microsoft product teams that most desperately need feedback are the ones it's impossible to contact?)

  • @jalf: that's a great question.

    Here are a few places to converse/send feedback to the WP7 team:





    I do know that the WP7 people actively monitor and engage in these communication streams. Twitter, of course, will limit the dialogue to 140 chars.

    Speak up, please!


  • I wish the all the channel 9 video have the subtitiles,becuase not all people from English speaking country.Sharing the knowledge all over the world is a good thing.

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