New Book "Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++" now available!

New Book "Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++" now available!

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Ade MillerHi, my name is Ade Miller and I’m Principal Program Manager with the Microsoft Technical Computing group.

Last fall we shipped Parallel Programming for Microsoft .NET and immediately started working on a companion version of the book for C++ programmers. I’m very happy to announce that Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++: Design patterns for Decomposition, and Coordination on Multicore Architectures is now available!


Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++Where Can I Get The Book?

The content is available right now on MSDN Library: Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++, and I hope that will help you be successful with the latest parallel programming features in Visual Studio.

The printed book is available for pre-order from O’Reilly: Parallel Programming with Microsoft® Visual C++.


What’s In The Book?

The book describes six key patterns for data and task parallelism and how to implement them using the Parallel Patterns Library and Asynchronous Agents Library, which shipped with Visual Studio 2010.


Design Patterns for Decomposition and Coordination on Multicore Architectures


The book also includes additional material. Appendices on how the Task Scheduler and Resource Manager work and how to use the Visual Studio profiler and debugger to understand your application’s performance. It also include an appendix on Microsoft’s technology roadmap for technical computing, that sets the book in a larger context.


How About Code Samples?

Accompanying the book are code samples for each chapter. This includes small code samples showing how to use each feature of the Task Parallel Library and a larger example for each chapter setting the pattern in a larger context. You can download them from our Parallel Patterns CodePlex site. You can also download answers to the questions at the end of each chapter from CodePlex.



Once again I’d like to thank my co-author, Colin Campbell and the team of editors and production specialists who did all the real work. I’d also like to thank the countless people who provided feedback, helped with samples and reviewed material. They are all acknowledged in the book.

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  • This is great! Any ideas of when we'll be able to buy the PDF / ePub version of the text?

  • Hi Tom,

    There will be a eBook version of this. For the .NET version of the book you could buy the eBook off either Amazon or O'Reilly (depending on your preference). I expect the eBook to be available in April, around the same time as the hardcopy.

    I'll post something here when the eBook arrives.



  • Great work guys. We were waiting for such material.

  • Great news! I'm following the codeplex for learn about PPL and now I'm happy for the community finished the first version of the book. Congratulations ;)

  • Could you give a reason or two why my rss feed says it's FREE EBOOK? You folks need to learn how to read and write

  • yeah, the FREE EBOOK was very misleading. don't get me wrong. i usually buy 1-2 tech books a month from the C++ & game programming universe, but if i can get a peek before to check it's quality, of course i do it.

    and i am really waiting for a good c++ and parallel programming book (i.e. herb sutter's effective concurrency), but i got curious about this one as well.

    now i feel a bit disappointed, also bci forwarded the "free ebook" catchy headline via twitter to my fellow developer colleagues ...

  • It says FREE EBOOK because the content of the book is available for free right now.

    "The content is available right now on MSDN Library: Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++, "

  • @Dietmar, @GregM: sorry about that error. We fixed it the headline (in the MSDN Visual C++ Developer Center to provide with some context to other readers) and we are publishing that changed version.

    As @GregM says, the content is available for free in our dev center (HTML) but the eBook format is paid (like the printed version).

    Apologies for the confusion.

  • There is an in Considerations for Small Loop Bodies section of fourth chapter:

    When you have small loop bodies, you can apply the techniques that were described in Chapter 3, "Parallel Loops" in the "Special Handling of Small Loop Bodies" section.

    But Parallel Loops is not the third chapter but second.

  • Cuando trato de iniciar el windows live mail me dice que que la configuracion en paralelo no es correcta. que debo revisar el registro de eventos. No se que hacer

  • Hi Nikola Smiljanić,

    Yes. This looks like a typo in the book. I'll add it to the errata.


  • The book and eBook are now available!


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