Boris Jabes on Game Development and Other Demons

Boris Jabes on Game Development and Other Demons

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Charles TorreHi, I’m Charles Torre, Sr. Technographer with Channel 9.

I recently interviewed Boris Jabes, a fun Visual C++ Program Manager guy to talk to. After a brief discussion of IntelliSense in VC++ –Boris has the distinction of being the first guy to share the news about the removal of C++/CLI IntelliSense support in VC10, we move on to exploring game development in C++ and potential directions VC may take to make it easier to build high-performing, graphically rich games.

This is one of the typically open-minded-with-candor conversations with the C++ team that have become the norm here on Channel 9 lately. True Channel 9 Old School. Much thanks to the VC++ team for being so open and helpful, and for truly listening to what the VC++ community wants and needs.


[Watch or download the interview in Channel 9]

  • You "recently interviewed" someone... in 2009? Am I missing something her? I'm confused.

  • The interview was about a month ago.

  • oooh sorry. I just saw it said 2009 in the url linked to from the post and assumed that was the interview. It wasn't really clear that the "first to share the news about intellisense" wasn't part of the interview.

    Oh well, it makes a lot more sense now. :)

  • Here's a direct link to the March 2011 interview with Boris:


  • thanks online help i just missed the whole lecture!

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