Rock Hard: C++ Evolving

Rock Hard: C++ Evolving

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Boris Jabes

Hi, I’m Boris Jabes, senior program manager lead on the Visual C++ team.

Last month I delivered a session at DevDays 2011 Netherlands, taking a fresh perspective on C++0x (or should I say, C++11) and the power of modern native programming. Unlike talks we've done previously, I didn't go over every new feature in our compiler or in the standard. I focused instead on some of the fundamental unique aspects of the language that are made even better with the new standard.

The session is now posted to be watched on demand (no, it’s not in Dutch; it’s in English Winking smile). It’s not just for C++ language geeks. In fact, if you're a C++ expert, odds are you will be underwhelmed with the information. The goal of my talk was to illustrate what makes C++ interesting as a language, from value semantics and deterministic destruction, to its ability to reach out into a more functional-style of programming.

We strongly believe that native code is as important as ever in the era  of Kinect and cheap GPU-driven TeraFLOPs.

If you're a managed developer curious about this (in)famous language called C++, eager to harness the power of sensors like Kinect or ready to take the plunge into a higher level of performance, come and discover how C++ could be the multi-paradigm language for your next project.


Watch "Rock Hard: C++ Evolving"
[Watch “Rock Hard: C++ Evolving”]

  • You could have said C++0B and it would still fit the 0x.

    Anyway, good talk.

  • Good talk. When you have said about why C++ community is so quiet I'd say is because MS last years politics to push all to C# and .NET and many just worked on their own, the only places where can be found developers for C++/MFC/ATL were (and is) codeproject, codeguru and stackoverflow. After Stephan started his STL videos and appear the great "How do I" series many new developers got into MS C++ field. Anyway I'm really happy that my main programming language finally is going forward. Thanks.

  • WinPhone 7 is C++ Killer!!!

    When you have said about why C++ community is so quiet I'd say is because MS last years politics to push all to C# and .NET and many just worked on their own!

  • Thanks for your comments, guys. Yes, the 2003 - 2010 showed a strong emphasis in manage code what it wouldn't have been a bad thing per se if we wouldn't have neglected native development the way we did (this said with the purpose of not turning this into a .NET vs. native dichotomy). We are giving some decisive steps in the C++ Renaissance which you guys are going to learn about as soon as we disclose those. Just last week we made some announcements about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) support for C++ and we’ll keep making more and more announcements in the months to come. As our Technical Fellow Mohsen Agsen said last February, you’ll start getting parity between C++ and managed development and eventually features implemented in C++ first. The bottom line is that we are working to avoid leaving native developers behind any longer.

    Diego Dagum

    Visual C++ Community PM

  • The C++ renaissance was sort of a hot topic on this years TechEd as well, which I think is cool. As Diego stated Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into reconnecting with the C++ community. We are finally seeing the tools that we have wanted  to see years ago and C++ developers are slowly becoming first class citizens again.

    This is absolutely great news for us, since C++ has been our choice of development language for performance reasons and we are no longer being left behind :)

  • Thanks for looking back to C++.

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