The Visual C++ Weekly Vol. 1 Issue 22 (May 28, 2011)

The Visual C++ Weekly Vol. 1 Issue 22 (May 28, 2011)

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Read in this issue:

  • Enforcing Correct Concurrent Access of Class Data
  • DirectCompute Lecture Series 230: GPU Accelerated Physics
  • InformIT: Top Ten Tips for Correct C++ Coding
  • ACCU 2011: Michael Feathers On Our Ability To Do Much
  • Mixed-mode scenario with tracking handles to value types
  • CSyncCollection v1.09
  • Referential danger
  • Why is my program terminating with exit code 3? - The Old New Thing
  • ‘C’ for Microcontrollers, Just Being Efficient — Lloyd Moore
  • InformIT: Telltale Signs of a Failed Software Project, Part II

As usual, you will find more useful resources @visualc.

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  • Suggestion:  How 'bout posting actual content on the VC++ blog, instead of links to pages of links to pages of links to pages that actually contain information?

  • Thanks for your suggestion, CarID. Part of the info of this weekly roundup has been published in this blog -typically the cover story-. The rest of the info could have been published in other MS places (usually the Native Parallelism team blog) or in third party places. We can't reproduce third party info in this blog for copyright reasons.

    My suggestion, for those who don't want to traverse a link trail to reach the info, is to start following our Twitter account (@visualc) as everything we reference from our weekly roundup was caught from our twitter.

  • CarlD overstates the matter: there's nothing wrong with a mere bunch of links. What's wrong is the additional, useless layer of indirection. You could just have made each of the bullet points in _this blog post_ be a link, instead of directing us to the execrably-formatted

  • Addendum: And shame on me for not checking the latest post! I see you've started doing exactly that. Thanks.

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