BUILD Windows: the Future of the Platform

BUILD Windows: the Future of the Platform

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BUILD WindowsLast Wednesday, Steven Sinofsky (President of the Windows Division) and Julie Larson-Green (Corporate Vice President, Windows Experience) announced that we’ll be starting a dialog with developers about the next generation of Windows, internally codenamed “Windows 8". We’re very excited to invite you to be a part of the conversation at BUILD, our new developer conference taking place September 13-16 in Anaheim, California. Registration is now open at

[Learn more about this event at Soma’s blog]

  • Is it worth visiting //build/ as a C++ dev? ;)

  • As I can't tell agenda details yet (but they're going to be published soon), allow me -for the moment- to answer with another question: have you ever seen us publishing in this blog anything about a conference whose target audience doesn't include the C++ devs? (i.e. MIX, etc) ;-)

  • Can a schedule for the event be posted?  The early reg cut off is Aug 1 and that is around the corner.

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