The Visual C++ Weekly Vol. 1 Issue 24 (June 11, 2011)

  • Just to be clear, if by saying:

    "If you have thoughts on how we can better communicate on these things with you, given the above, I’d love to hear them." meant my thoughts on how you could make it more pleasant for us to live with the current state of things, where the bugs aren't getting fixed and the Connect issues are left unattended for a long time and closed left and right as "won't fix" -- I don't have any thoughts on that.

    If, on the other hand, you meant my thoughts on how you can improve the situation overall, by fixing bugs and being more responsive on Connect, see my notes above.

    So, how about having a post on this blog discussing these issues and what you are aiming to do about them?

  • @PleaseFixYourBugs

    I just hope that what we are "fighting" for here will be at least noticed/nevermind implemented (because it won't be, refer to my manager - customer note). Just because we do have "discussion" here it doesn't mean that anything will be done. I believe and fully support you that sometimes harsh words need to be said, you cannot molly cuddle and prise all the time someone who behaves incorrectly (if carrot didn't help, then there is only a stick left). As for VS2010 being partially coded in C#? O my God, it is so obvious why they did it. They wanted to prove that the whole .NET is as good if not better as C++. And the only thing they've proved that it is not and never will be. Java from Microsoft. That's what it is. And if I want to program in Java in IDE written in Java I have NetBeans. For Free.

    I used to look forward to each new release of VS with hope that there will be improvement in supporting native developers.

    Now I'm not looking anymore forward. I'm just worrying that every new VS will be more and more MJ (Microsoft's Java aka C#) and less and less C++. And after every release we will have similar "discussions".


    Big Question for you if you don't mind me asking:

    How much of C++11 (and which parts) will be implemented in ? Ten per cent margin of accuracy.

    I believe that this is a crucial question.

    Regards and looking forward to hear from you.

  • I have to point out that *many* people did call out for a better help system. It *was* sorely needed, and the old one was just crippling. It might not have been at the top of *everyone*'s wishlist (and the new help system might not satisfy everyone who wanted a new system), but trying to improve on it certainly wasn't a waste of resources.

    The WPF rewrite, on the other hand, is starting to look like a really bad idea in hindsight. Given that WPF is all but dead, performance turned out to be crippling (and it's been made pretty clear that WPF's tessellation won't be fixed), it's starting to look like a pretty unfortunate decision. But hey, that's easy to say now. I don't blame the VS team for thinking it was a good idea at the time.

    And of course, let's keep in mind also that the WPF and Help rewrites were VS-wide projects, not VC++-specific ones, so presumably, most of the effort put into them came from other teams than the VC++ one.

  • I agree that many have asked for a better Help system. The thing is, we didn't get a better Help system. We got a worse Help system.

    As an example, one of the things that needed serious improvement in the old Help was Search. It was just unusable, all searches in the old Help return too many false hits, relevant hits are far and few between and you have to work hard to determine from the result list which hits are worthwhile and which are fake. As idiotic as it sounds, it is much faster and much better to just search the online MSDN docs using Google. So, did we get improved Search in VS2010? Ha-ha-ha... Of course, not. The Search is as useless as it has always been.

    What we did get is new problems, eg, missing nodes in the Table of Contents. Locate the topic for CreateWindow, then try pressing Sync ToC. You get to the root of the Help system. You can't "browse" the Help topics describing that particular set of functions any more, you can only fish for them in Index, guessing their names. And before VS2010 SP1 we didn't even have Index. And, of course, the problem of missing nodes is "known" and "resolved" already, it is just that, a year after the problem first appeared, we still can't get the fix for it.


    As to the point on WPF and Help rewrites being VS-wide projects, I don't disagree. That said, this does not change anything. Someone still spent limited resources on silly stuff, and that's a problem.

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