Daniel Moth: Blazing-fast Code Using GPUs and More, with C++ AMP

Daniel Moth: Blazing-fast Code Using GPUs and More, with C++ AMP

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You have lastly read in this blog about the C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism (C++ AMP) [1]. Since yesterday, those who couldn’t attend the AMD Fusion Developer Summit have the chance to watch on demand Herb Sutter’s keynote where C++ AMP was introduced and some demos were shown [2].

Now Daniel Moth's C++ AMP introductory session is also posted in Channel9:

[Watch Daniel Moth's "Blazing-fast code using GPUs and more, with C++ AMP"]




  1. Introducing C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism (C++ AMP).
  2. Herb Sutter: Heterogeneous Computing and C++ AMP (AFDS Keynote)
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  • That's fine and all, but may I please direct your attention to this thread, since it discusses a very serious issue to which we would appreciate a reply:


    Thank you.

  • Amazing!

    PleaseFixYourBugs, nobody cares about your butthurt.

  • @cppguy: while that may be true, quite a few people care about the issues he highlights.

  • Let me follow-up with the engineering team on these for you.

    Tony Goodhew

    Microsoft Corp

  • Any news or guidance as to when we could expect them?

    (I will now limit replies to the original thread linked in my post above.)

  • C++ AMP looks like it's going to be a relief from the drudgery and inelegance of current OpenCL/CUDA.  Is there anyway to get a pre-beta release?

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