C++ Q&A with Herb Sutter

C++ Q&A with Herb Sutter

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Herb's last appearance on C9 was a relatively short chat about C++0x. You wanted more questions so Herb decided that the best way to get the questions you want asked is, well, to have you ask them. Most of the highest user-rated questions were asked and Herb answers with his usual precision. So, without further ado, it's C++ question and answer time with the great Herb Sutter, powered by you.

[Watch the entire interview in Channel 9]

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  • @Stephan T. Lavavej ok, fair enough.

  • @Stephan T. Lavavej would it be helpful to have Connect bugs on the difficulties caused by the workarounds in the Standard Library necessitated by missnig language features (i.e. could they be made dependent and blocked on language work items, rather then simply being resolved won't fix or deferred)?

  • @Knowing me knowing you, a-ha there is truth in this:  www.businessinsider.com/big-tech-org-charts-2011-6

  • Josh.Heitzman.Mindspark: No, that wouldn't really help. In the Standard Library, we're acutely aware of our workarounds. As soon as the real Core Language features become available, we'll rejoice and rip out our workarounds. Filing such bugs against us won't inform us of anything new, nor would they allow us to inform you of new features before they would otherwise be announced. Additionally, our compiler and library work items aren't public. Basically, I'd have to spend time resolving such bugs as By Design (for that particular release) and writing a diplomatic response for the world to see, saying what I've said here - and all STL work goes through me, so you probably want me to spend my time investigating and fixing bugs I can do something about.

  • @Stephan T. Lavavej I definitely don't want you wasting your time on Connect bugs that won't help anything, since I would rather have the workarounds then not.  My thinking was that perhaps some external pressue would help push the core language team along, but I can't say I'm surprised it will not, as that is consistent with my own experience as a member of the Visual Studio team in years past.

  • Hello guys ! Soo .. I was looking at my add or remove programs ( have a pc ) and I noticed I had a lot of stuff . So I scrolled down to look and noticed that I had Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 all the way to Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 . Now my question is ... Can I uninstall Microsoft C++ 2005 all the way up to Microsoft 2011 . Second is ... Do I even need it ? Thanks !

    With regards ,


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