Building Metro Style Apps with C++ and JavaScript

Building Metro Style Apps with C++ and JavaScript

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Raman SharmaHi, I’m Raman Sharma, a Program Manager with the Visual C++ team.

As seen a few weeks ago at //BUILD, in the next version of Visual Studio you’ll be able to create Metro style app with Javascript. But this doesn't mean that Javascript is the only language you can use. There are several reasons to leverage compiled code as well.

In this video I recently posted in Channel 9, you’ll learn how your Metro style app with HTML5 can directly access native code.

I'll show you how to access your C++ Windows Runtime components from JavaScript.

After this talk, you'll understand how to combine native and script code in order to build the most compelling Metro style applications.


[Watch this video in Channel 9]

  • I wonder what would be the size of a statically linked executable in the event of using or not XAML to design the GUI of the application. I am having oversize problems with the resulting size of the executable in VS2010 even when I don't use the feature classes introduced in VS2008 SP1, VS2010 adds about 1.4 Mb of code to the final executable, even when linking a console application that uses MFC without the feature classes.



  • You will not be using MFC when building WinRT apps, but if you want to lower the size of your MFC applications, then maybe this can help:

  • Here is the sample that was used in this video:



  • Hey Raman, I noticed at 18:34 in the video where you changed "Debug Type" from "Script Only" to "Native Only" that there is a "Mixed" option that can debug native and managed.

    Does this mean that I cannot debug script and native simultaneously? If so, why not?

  • @ Bob:

    Yes there is no option to debug native and script simultaneously in the same debugging session.  You have to stop debugging, switch debugging type and restart debugging to do that.  There were several complications with this specific debugging scenario due to which the team decided to make this hard call.

  • Here is the project that was used in this video:

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