C9 Lecture: C Runtime (CRT) Topics, by Mahmoud Saleh

C9 Lecture: C Runtime (CRT) Topics, by Mahmoud Saleh

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In a recent Going Native episode in Channel 9, Charles (Torre) and I interviewed Mahmoud Saleh, the software engineer who keeps the C Runtime library.

Now Mahmoud prepared for you a 1-hour lecture on some of the CRT topics like

  • Memory leak detection (CRT debug heap).
  • Unhandled exceptions.
  • Assert and error reporting.
  • CRT entry points.
  • CRT support for Unicode.
  • SBCS and MBCC. And
  • Optimizing file IO in CRT.

[Watch this Channel 9 lecture]

Mahmoud Saleh on the C Runtime (CRT)

  • Thank's!

    Excellent course, I want more!

  • Apparently you can't target Windows XP with VC11 due to Win7 API use in the C++ runtime.

    "There are fundamental changes to the CRT, such as using locale name instead of locale ID, and calling Vista only functions such as GetTickCount64, that I can no longer imagine that there will ever be a vNext version of the CRT that supports XP SP3."  says a comment in


    Is this true?

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