Announcing GoingNative 2012 Conference

Announcing GoingNative 2012 Conference

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We know developers are hungry for information about native development. The GoingNative conference  aims to provide current technical information to as many people as possible.

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GoingNative 2012 is a 48 hour technical event for those who push the boundaries of general purpose computing by exploiting the true capabilities of the underlying machine: C++ developers. Distinguished speakers include the creator of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ Standards Committee Chair, Herb Sutter, C++ template and big compute master, Andrei Alexandrescu, STL master Stephan T. Lavavej, and more! Official agenda will be released over the next month or so. Join us!


Feb 2-3, 2012
Microsoft Corporate Campus
Building 33
Redmond, WA, USA


  • Streamed live (on-demand < 24 hours later, each day) right here.
  • Evening event (party - great food(dinner), music, drink and people!
  • Shuttles from Bellevue's Lincoln Square (where we recommend booking your hotel)


Hurry up and reserve your spot!!

UPDATE: read Herb Sutter's post on GoingNative 2012.

  • It's about time. Old-school engineers have been arguing vehemently for 20 years that there is no silver-bullet: each language has its place, and as much as some would like native development to go away, it never will, because the target of any computer language is, ultimately, the hardware itself. Considering this fact, and the fact that  C++, if employed correctly, allows an engineer to climb as high as desired upon the "abstraction ladder", and of course, as low as desired, even down to in-line assembly language, one immediately concludes that C++ permits reachability into the entire abstraction space. For this reason, and considering FORTRAN, I would not be surprised if it outlived everyone who is reading this post.

  • Nice work, I am interesting on this.



    E-XD++ Visualization HMI Source Code Kit:

  • I apologize for posting this here, but I'm new to MSDN blogs and this is the only "vcblog" post I've found that I can comment in (I would like to leave a comment in "Visual C++ Code Generation in Visual Studio 2010").  Why am I not seeing a "Leave a Comment" box in the other posts?  Is there something I have to do?

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