Auto-Vectorization on Channel9

Auto-Vectorization on Channel9

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Jim Radigan and I recorded a session for Channel9 last week, as part of the “Going Native” series.  We describe the “auto-vectorizer” – a neat feature in the VS11 compiler backend that analyses loops, in regular, unmodified C++ code, and generates corresponding vector (SIMD) instructions: tight loops using float or int can run up to 4x faster.  The video has just “gone live” at:

  • nice feature, that I can use in production in some years... in other words: "We need XP-Runtime support"!!!

  • VS11 is *very* interesting except for the lack of Windows XP support.  Please have a post on this decision, and if it will be restored by RTM.

  • Great I can't wait for WindowsXP support to test this feature out on some real pice of software.

  • I love VC11, those that are wondering about XP targeting support, I'm doing a series of blog posts at - I'm about to post a very revealing one.  

  • This is all just a tease... I just wish I could use it.  But, alas, I have real paying customers to support that require Windows XP support.  Sigh... hopefully MS will figure out what a massive mistake this is to not support XP.

  • Funny how I still don't know how to use auto-parallerizer after watching the video. The #pragma parallelize just doesn't work: I get a compiler warning, and the video doesn't say anything about how to use it.

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