The Metro style apps with C++ event is now a live webcast

The Metro style apps with C++ event is now a live webcast

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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we announced the Metro style apps with C++ event. Since we announced the camp, there were a lot of requests for a live webcast. Thanks to Jaime who just posted on this blog, the event will be broadcasted live!

Quoting Jaime:

Event sold out within a few days, and we got a lot of requests for it to be recorded (or broadcasted live)..  

I am happy to announce that the event will now be live.  Please pencil us in in your calendar. Event will be live on Friday May 18th, from 9 AM PST to 5 PM PST.

We will share details (the link) and the agenda later this week.   We will aim to have two live Q&As (one around noon PST) and one around 4 PM PST, we will take your questions via twitter.. Just follow the #win8C++Camp on the day of the event..


Vikas Bhatia.


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  • Now that you have settled on the ugly UI, I hope you find enough suckers to use your, yet another proprietary API (remember VB6, J++, J#, WPF) that will get abandoned once competitors come up with something new.

  • i have one q ?

    in most corporations job offers and ...are on other programming languages . such as c# java or ...

    C++ future is how ?( of course with new vs 2012 and new c++)



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