Unit test framework in VS11

Unit test framework in VS11

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We provide the ability in Visual Studio 11 to do native unit testing, with a new C++ unit testing framework shipping in the box. We’re really happy to enable this support for our C++ developers, so you no longer need to use the “/clr” flag or fall back to 3rd party frameworks. Read here for more details.

  • Will the unit tests work on Windows XP?

  • Who cares. No XP support means all the other features are unusable. Furthermore, no desktop app support in Express editions makes Microsoft developer tools unusable for most developers out there.

  • Please take the time to reply to the concerns raised here: blogs.msdn.com/.../a-look-ahead-at-the-visual-studio-11-product-lineup-and-platform-support.aspx

  • For a legacy application that must target Windows XP, will I be able to use this unit testing framework to do unit testing? If my application is compiling using the VS2010 toolset, will I still be able to take advantage of this feature?

  • @CS: The answer is most likely no, since for that to work the unit testing framework has to run on XP, and VS11 does *not* run on XP.

  • @CS: It occurred to me that if you are looking to run the IDE from VS11 with the compilers from VS10 on, say, Windows 8, then the testing framework might indeed work (don't know for sure). The code would never run in the XP environment, but the majority of the tests probably won't care. Perhaps this was what you were asking, sorry for muddying waters.

  • Will a Mocking Framework be added as some stage too?

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