Be What’s Next (We’re hiring!)

Be What’s Next (We’re hiring!)

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The C++ organization is growing and hiring across all feature areas (C++ 11, compiler front-end, compiler back-end, C++ AMP, PPL, libraries & runtime, IDE, Casablanca). We are looking for passionate program managers, developers and testers to bang out the next versions of the toolset!


What’s in it for you:

  1.          Be part of the C++ standards evolution - you’ll have the opportunity to work side-by-side with folks like Herb Sutter
  2.          Solve exciting challenges as we navigate the hardware evolution (newer chipsets, multi-core, GPU, heterogeneous cores etc.)
  3.          Be part of the technology that builds all of Microsoft’s platforms like Windows, Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows Embedded.


Please apply directly using the links below. We’ll keep this list updated for the next couple of months.

Program Management

Software Development



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  • I like to work in Microsoft . but we are very distant :(

  • Microsoft should make it possible to do work at distance, to destroy the geographic barriers.

    With modern communication technologies it's stupid to require on-site work.

  • I'd be very interested if there would be an option for telecommuting in long-term. CA is the same timezone as Redmond.

  • @fery: If you are willing to relocate, the relocation packages are good- even for international candidates.

  • @tocsa and @workatdistance

    Fair points. We'll leave a note with all the hiring managers. It really depends on the team's needs, the hiring managers and the track record of the applicants.  There are plenty of telecommuters at Microsoft - but, you are right that it's certainly not the norm.

  • so interesting, are you plan hire in Spain?

  • jGO,

    We are definitely open to international candidates! However, relocation would be required to work on the C++ team.

  • You guys need someone with the technical chops and the organizational agility required to keep you from doing things like dropping C++ runtime support for XP prematurely, but I don't see any Principal level positions included in your list above.

  • Is it possible to remotely conduct the whole interview process?

  • By the way, how are things going in VS dev lab in Zurich? (Erich Gamma et al.).  do they have any positions open?

  • By the way, how are things going in VS dev lab in Zurich? (Erich Gamma et al.)

    Do they have any open positions?

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