C++ in Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Desktop

C++ in Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Desktop

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In case some of you missed it, Soma recently announced Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop development. This express edition will include the latest VC++ compiler and libraries, which is great for students, new developers and open source application developers.

Please follow the link to see more details and to contribute to the discussion.

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  • Any news on whether it's going to include support for C++ AMP?

    // I've asked under the original post a while ago, but it must've been drowned by the other comments ;-)

  • That's great news. Some sanity back.

  • @MattPD

    Yes! It will include C++ AMP and other concurrency technologies such as PPL Tasks, auto-vectorizer and auto-parallelizer.

  • @vcblog: that's great news, thanks for the confirmation!

  • that's great!

    i have being waiting for it for a looong time

  • Will it support C too?

    I mean, I've long lost hope of Visual ever supporting C99, but will it at least correct the bug where Intellisense believes itself in C++ and shows error on constructs that are perfectly valid in C?

  • Great news, thank you. What about support for XP? Without support for XP, VS11 is not even an option for my team.

  • @Medinoc

    Sorry - there is no update to share on the C side of things at this time.

  • @medinoc: I don't think that's exclusively a C issue. When writing C++, Intellisense is also polluted by the belief that you're actually writing C++/CLI or C++/CX or another proprietary dialect of the day.

    So I don't think the issue is "Intellisense doesn't understand C", but rather "Intellisense doesn't know which language it's reading". And *that* would be nice to see fixed, regardless of whether you're writing C or C++

  • Does it contain a compiler for x64?

  • What about the Windows SDK btw? Will that contain a compiler as well?

  • @Phillip

    The Express edition in VS 2010, did not carry the x64 compiler. I take it that you want it :). I'll send the feedback along.

  • @jalf.

    Sorry - no change in plan with respect to Windows SDK. As announced earlier, the Windows SDK no longer ships with a complete build environment. You would need to install the compiler and build environment separately.


  • @vcblog: Well, with VS10 we could install a x64 compiler by installing the Windows SDK 7.1. But since the SDK does no longer contain a a compiler, that option is not available for VS11. So I would really like to see a compiler for x64 in VS11 Express. (Or add it to Windows SDK again)

  • Great news, thanks.

    But now that a free compiler is available *anyway*, could we please get it added to the SDK as well once again?

    We (and a lot of other companies) use the SDK to run our build server. It doesn't need Visual Studio, it just needs a compiler and the relevant libraries.

    Removing the compiler from the SDK is making our lives harder for what seems like no good reason.

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