Template Argument Deduction - Core C++, Part 2

Template Argument Deduction - Core C++, Part 2

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Part 2 of my third video lecture series (covering the C++ Core Language) is now available.  In this part, I took an hour to explore template argument deduction, including what "non-deduced contexts" are - and how they can be used to your advantage!  For reference, here are all of the links to my video lectures, plus my GoingNative 2012 presentation:


[STL Introduction]

Part 1 (sequence containers)

Part 2 (associative containers)

Part 3 (smart pointers)

Part 4 (Nurikabe solver) - see Wikipedia's article and my updated source code

Part 5 (Nurikabe solver, continued)

Part 6 (algorithms and functors)

Part 7 (algorithms and functors, continued)

Part 8 (regular expressions)

Part 9 (rvalue references)

Part 10 (type traits)


[Advanced STL]

Part 1 (shared_ptr - type erasure)

Part 2 (equal()/copy() - algorithm optimizations)

Part 3 (_ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL, #pragma detect_mismatch, and /d1reportSingleClassLayout)

Part 4 (rvalue references v2.1 and associative container mischief)

Part 5 (deduplicator, using Boost.Bimap, Filesystem, and ScopeExit) - see my deduplicate.cpp

Part 6 (container pretty printer) - see my pretty_printer.cpp


[GoingNative 2012]

STL11: Magic && Secrets (make_shared<T>(), emplacement, pair SFINAE, range-based for-loop) - see my slides


[Core C++]

Part 1 (name lookup)

Part 2 (template argument deduction)


Stephan T. Lavavej

Senior Developer - Visual C++ Libraries


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  • Hey, cool, I missed that you were doing this series! Getting into the gnarliest bits of C++ as quickly as possible? What's next, the interaction of ADL and optional parameters? :D

  • I'm actually trying to cover the most commonly encountered bits, whether simple or complex (ok, usually complex). Overload resolution is probably next (although I may change my mind).

  • Great series. Thanks for excellent job and I can't wait to watch overload resolution part.

  • You said you don't use the IDE in VS to type code.  What do you use?

    Previously the board added all sort of html hexes for quotes and punctuation.  Let's see howt his goes.

  • Hi Stephan,

    Really enjoy your lectures - they are frankly priceless. Any ideas when part 3 is out? Also, it would be great if you could cover variadics which I understand from Herb Sutter are coming in a post RTM drop. Andre covered them recently, but they're a complex topic and I think would benefit from multiple treatments.

    Kind regards,


  • I filmed Part 3 (overload resolution) today! :-> It usually takes a couple of weeks for an episode to make its way through the editing/encoding/uploading pipeline.

    Backjack: I use Metapad, a freeware clone of Notepad that's somewhat more powerful.

    Tom Kirby-Green: I'm glad you like them. I'll cover variadic templates as soon as I can show off a Project Ellipsis compiler.

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  • Xero> If you know someone personally in Telligent

    I don't, sorry. I know who to complain to about compiler bugs, and that's it. :->

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