C++ AMP Resources

C++ AMP Resources

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Hopefully by now you have heard of C++ AMP. C++ AMP is a modern C++ library (plus a key new language feature) that ships with Visual Studio 2012 and it lets you take advantage of accelerators, such as the GPU, for compute purposes. Think data parallelism, but at a massive level, accelerated by powerful hardware. If you need more motivation on how using C++ AMP can speed up code, check out the nbody or the morph demo.

To follow the C++ AMP story, you should subscribe to the Parallel Programming in Native Code blog. Over the last year we have published (and updated for RTM) a number of Visual Studio sample projects, links to complementary open source libraries, and of course the C++ AMP open specification that any vendor can implement, so they can offer C++ AMP on other non-Microsoft platforms. If you have questions on C++ AMP, we welcome them at our MSDN forum.


In addition, this week we published on our blog two collections of links worth sharing more broadly

  1. Learn C++ AMP” is for you if you are a total C++ AMP newbie and have now decided to take the plunge.
  2. Present on C++ AMP” will help you give a presentation on C++ AMP, which I know some of you need to do even if you are not experts on a technology – we’ve got you covered.


Finally, if you already feel comfortable with C++ AMP, you can prove your skills and also win software and hardware by taking part in the C++ AMP coding contest.

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  • Thanks; unfortunately, by now lots of developers hate the Visual Studio team not only for having destroyed their favorite development environment but also for ignoring thousands upon thousands of negative opinions.

    The Visual Studio team has been beyond insulting here. It is impossible to trust anything else in VS 2012, no matter how good, until we know that our development environment is getting back to a reasonable, usable state.

  • @GUI embarcadero XE3 with C++11 and support for "Metropolis" is coming!

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