Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop

Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop

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As you may have seen, Soma announced today that Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop is now available for download.  For C++ developers, the Express for Windows Desktop includes many of the new C++ investments we made in Visual Studio 2012, including C++ AMP, improvements to C++ 11 Standards conformance, improvements to the compiler and linker, and the IDE.  It also includes the 64-bit cross-compiler and 64-bit C++ libraries, the C++ unit testing introduced in Visual Studio 2012, and a targeted set of code analysis rules to help you build more reliable applications.  And while we’re still working on the update that will enable targeting Windows XP, it will be supported with Express for Windows Desktop when it’s available.  Head on over to this post on the Visual Studio Team blog to join the discussion about what’s new in Express for desktop development.

Jennifer Leaf

Senior Program Manager

Visual C++

  • GregM, Kris: so you're saying that my binaries don't exist? Even though they do? Even though they do target Windows XP, subsystem 5.1 (or 5.2 on x64)? Also, are you saying that "including" something for you means that it is not included right actually?

    How about doing some research and testing instead of sounding like a broken record? Please don't try to explain me that the sky's green coz it won't work.

  • @b.victor you're using another set of compilers/linkers/libraries using native multi-targeting.  The new XP targeting support (not yet released) doesn't use native multi-targeting.  It uses the VC12 compilers, linkers and libraries.  Don't fool yourself into believing you are actually using VC12 when in fact you are just using it as a shell (IDE) to access older compilers/linkers/libraries that properly target XP.  You could do the same with the command line and leave the VC12 IDE out of it completely, you'd get the exact same binaries that you posted links to.  

    Or: you are using my xpsupport wrappers (v 1.10) :)

  • @Ted: apparently, neither you nor anyone else have even looked at the information I provided. You keep telling me the same things that you read once somehwere and accepted it blindly (or rather, misunderstood it).

    You make wild guesses, but they are wrong. Please, stop it, and do some research first.

    Would you please tell me how would Visual Studio use the WDK compilers when they are not in PATH and it isn't told in any other way where to look for them?

    If you don't believe me, you can try it without the IDE, in a Visual Studio command prompt too. Or even, in a simple cmd.exe session. Set the INCLUDE and LIB environmental variables, point PATH to the Visual Studio\VC dirs, and that's it. It will still use the VS toolchain, the only difference will be the headers and libraries.

    Or do you actually believe that if I use a different set of headers, the command prompt will automagically find the WDK compiler?

    No, it uses the VS compilers, it only uses WDK headers and libs. EVERYTHING else is the same. You know what the "additional include directories" directive means? Coz I'm beginning to doubt it. You're all either ignorant or too lazy to check this whole thing out and just keep repeating yourselves instead.

    The original problem of VS2012 was that the linker refused to generate binaries with 5.x subsystem version - it only allowed 6.x. But now Express DOES support 5x. SO PLEASE DON'T TELL ME THAT SOMETHING IS IMPOSSIBLE EVEN AFTER I'VE DONE IT ALREADY. Thanks!

  • You know what, I'll just assume that the redist will be updated at some point to support XP instead of arguing with you. Thanks for all the non-information.

  • ok i give you that, you are using the 12 compiler and linker.  my bad. But compilers, headers *and* libraries -  it is better to support all three. i also knew about the linker subsystem support change - see and

  • "so you're saying that my binaries don't exist?"

    No, just that they didn't guarantee that it would be available in the first release.  I assume (and hope) that everything necessary will be released for both of them eventually.  That also doesn't mean that they can't release some parts of it (the linker) earlier than other parts (the runtime).

  • i downloaded VS 2012 express for windows desktop twice and i still cannot build, compile source codes, why is that?

  • I downloaded and installed Visual Studio Express 2012 and don't seem to have  access to any 64bit C++ compiler.

  • @Richard Keegan:  Did you try these instructions on MSDN?  

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