Good Stuff on Channel 9

Good Stuff on Channel 9

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Looking for the C++ Good Stuff? Have you visited Channel 9 lately?

And in case you missed it:


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  • -- C++ for C# Developers with "C++ Succinctly" provides an overview and pointer to the free e-book.

    Can you provide a reference to the book instead?  I don't understand pointers.

  • @andrew, +1 funny. You had me laughing in my Big Gulp :)

  • So, how do I contact someone on the VC blog about outdated or incorrect information in the VC blog?  Comments are closed in the archive, making it a haven for inaccurate information.

  • @thespiral, send them to me,

    In fact, anyone can contact me with questions, feedback, suggestions, etc.

  • How about <stdbool.h> a C99 feature people are craving for! Can you bring it to VS2012's default headers?

  • @Natham OMG what's the point?! Either compile as C++ so you get the bool, true, and false keywords, or use the BOOL, TRUE, and FALSE typedefs/macros from <Windows.h>.

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