Another Earful: Debugging Survey

Another Earful: Debugging Survey

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The Visual C++ build experience survey ( has almost passed the 250 response mark on the way to 500 responses. Thank you to everyone who has already provided feedback. To those that have not yet had a chance to take the survey, please consider spending ~10 minutes sharing your thoughts with the team. Your help is appreciated and does make an impact.

And as a bonus, the team responsible for the debugging experience wants to understand your debugging experience. This survey will take a little longer at ~15-20 minutes, but is paid back with the satisfaction you receive knowing you are helping Microsoft and the Visual C++ team improve the debugging experience. Other reasons to take the survey:

  • Every developer has spent time debugging. Why not share your experiences (good and bad)?
  • If you opt in, you might have a chance to connect with the team and provide more detailed feedback.
  • Frustrated with the current experience? Share your pain with the Visual C++ team!
  • Looking for new ways to participate in the Visual C++ / C++ community? Now is your chance!

Take the survey at Help us reach 500 responses by 11/27.



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  • "Improved support for debugging large files (Currently you cannot debug files with more than 64K lines.  We cannot set breakpoints on line numbers greater than that)."

    Yes please! This 64K limit is so annoying in developing our product.

  • The debugging experience for C++/CLI applications is terrible. What's the point of adding C++/CLI Intellisense in VS2012 if you can't use the debugger meaningfully to aid development?

    Please fix it!

  • 1. The description of the survey on the linked page makes it sound specific only to the native edit and continue feature, not debugging in general

    2. By far the most serious problem in Windows8/VisualStudio 2012 is the lack of useful call stacks or context information when debugging exceptions in asynchronous operations:

    Since almost any significant task is now asynchronous by design, this is a real disaster.

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