Roaming Settings: Give Us Your Feedback!

Roaming Settings: Give Us Your Feedback!

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Let's kick off 2013 with a survey J

We have been researching roaming Visual Studio settings and have a few questions that will help gain insights into what the best experience would be. We have created a survey ( aimed at understanding Visual Studio settings usage patterns and gathering feedback. The survey should take less than 10 minutes, maybe more if you want to provide a ton of details.

Your voice is important. Make sure it is heard!

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  • This would be so awesome!  One of my biggest problems with Visual Studio isn't so much that settings don't roam but that they spontaneously reset-- Visual Studio completely forgets my configuration at least once a week, and it's done so for years, so I have to save my settings off to a file so I can restore them when this happens.

  • One thing I forgot to mention in the survey-- it would be great if the IDE would remember the "Show IntelliSense Errors" setting in the error window.

  • Make that tabular.  How come my tabs disappear themselves?  If I move a pinned tab to a new spot, the undisappear themselves.  Happens often.  Daily.  Mindblowing.  Is it possessed?

  • I like how a box was included so I could write in "Windows XP" under what platforms are being developed for. It's not quite dead yet, MS. ;)

  • @Cain, thanks for the feedback. I'll make sure it is included.

    @Tubular, the tab may be possessed. Stranger things have happened :)

    @LordTridus, Windows XP is indeed not quite dead. Thanks for letting us know!

  • We gave you feedback on the VS2012 GUI. We gave you feedback on .Net 4.5 not being supported on XP. We gave you feedback about WPF and Silverlight. We made sure our voice is heard. You ignored it.

    Why should we expect different results now?

  • Where is my windows 8 media center free key?  It has been 10 days.  I re-did the shebang and only get "We can't process this, Dave. Read the T&C." for my effort.

  • Why was closed? There is nothing left.

  • @ThomasX, we receive a lot of feedback. One item we did respond to is XP targeting support in VS2012. All feedback *is* reviewed, but must be considered against other constraints.

    @JohnQPublic, did you go to If you have Windows 8 Pro it looks like you can request a key and receive it through email.

    @ThisBuilding, there was overlap in content between the Editor forum and our other IDE and Extensibility forums. You can post Visual C++ editor issues to the general forum at

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