Visual C++ Developer Survey

Visual C++ Developer Survey

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Hi, my name is Sumit Kumar and I am a Program Manager on the Visual C++ team at Microsoft. We are conducting a survey to understand what can we do to make Visual Studio more useful for C++ development in organizations like yours. If you have 15 minutes (maybe less), I would appreciate it if you would share your thoughts in our survey at

Your feedback will help influence future releases of Visual Studio!

Thanks for your help.

  • hi!

    Thanks for this new survey :)

    Some questions are still missing tho', same as in the last survey:

    When will you add C90 support or add it to the survey? This is the most painful part while writing cross platform codes (all other compilers support it)

    Cross versions support for solutions file is a must, still having to either maintain VC6 only and ask to update the options, or add all supported versions to the repository is not an option and a source of errors

  • Would like to see better integration with MASM.  Easier conversion of C++ code to MASM Assembler and vice\versa.

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