NuGet for C++ and the Northwest Hackathon

NuGet for C++ and the Northwest Hackathon

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My name is Garrett Serack, I'm not actually part of the Visual C++ team--I actually work as a Senior Software Development Engineer in Microsoft's Open Source Technology Center, which is part of Windows Server. I have a distinctly different job than most here at Microsoft-I work to get Open Source software running better on Windows and Azure.

little over a week ago, I released the beta version of the CoApp PowerShell tools that let us generate NuGet packages for C and C++ libraries.

Over the next few weeks, I'll try to explain what the heck goes on under the covers when creating packages for Visual C++, how you can exploit all of the power of Visual Studio in C/C++ packages and in the process, explore what it would take to manually create packages without the tools.

Today however, I'm here for a slightly different purpose: We're having an Open Source "Hackathon" here on campus this Friday and Saturday (May 10th and 11th), and I'm offering the opportunity for anyone interested in building C/C++ packages with NuGet to come on out, learn, code and have a good time. I'll be on hand all day and into the evening Friday and Saturday hacking away, and helping out anyone who's interested.

Also, folks from the the NuGet team itself will be around, so if you have questions for them, you know where they will be!

We're gonna have a ton of foodprizesdrinks, and a lot of fun. If you're into Open Source, and are in the area, I'd love to have you come out, hang around and write some code!

Don't forget to register!

  • Please take a grammar lesson and drop using 'actually'.

  • What's wrong with his use of "actually"? In the context of a blog that belongs to the VC team, using "actually" to clarify that the current post isn't written by a VC team member makes sense to me.

    Perhaps I need a grammar lesson as well :-)

  • Too bad I missed this. I had already left for a (mostly) open source C++ conference in Aspen (C++Now). Are you planning on doing another one? I'm interested in learning about NuGet for C++.

  • @Eric Sorry you missed it!

    I think we may try to do another one in the fall-- it was a great experience for us.

    That being said, if you need some help with something related to building C++ packages, you can drop me an email at


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