Visual Studio 2013 Preview Now Available!

Visual Studio 2013 Preview Now Available!

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Soma announced availability of the Visual Studio 2013 Preview.

The experience for Visual C++ developers was improved with enhancements in the following areas: ISO C/C++ standards, Visual C++ library, C++ application performance, Windows Store App development, diagnostics, 3-D graphics, the IDE and productivity.

Here are the key links:

We look forward to your feedback. Use the new Send-a-Smile option in the product to share general thoughts about your experience.

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  • Curious about the C++ 11  conformance, and whether it's starting heading C++14.  But in the meantime, I still think maybe it's more appropriate for an update 3 than a whole new version.    

    With such rapid pace, I doubt the company will bought the new version for us.

  • I really hope in-class member initializers are supported (or at least will be supported ASAP / before Preview becomes RTM), they lead to _much_ cleaner (and more robust) code:

    // a.k.a. non-static data member with initializer:

  • Will Microsoft Visual Studio ever support C99 ?

  • All, keep your eyes on BUILD. There are talks by folks on the team including Herb Sutter who gave the "Future of C++" talk at BUILD last year.

  • @Étienne,

    The "What's New" document is not yet online, but it includes C99 functionality -- C99 functionality added to <math.h>, complex math functions in new header, <complex.h>, integer type support in new header, <inttypes.h>; includes format string support for "hh", support for variable argument scanf forms in <stdio.h>. C99 variants of vscanf, strtoll, vwscanf/wcstoll, isblank/iswblank implemented, and new conversion support for long long and long double in <stdlib.h>.


  • The What's New page says:

    "In addition to features that improve support for C++11, such as delegating constructors, raw string literals, explicit conversion operators, and variadic templates alongside “just my code” debugging in Visual Studio 2013 Preview makes working with C++ even better."

    These are the Nov 2012 CTP features that I don't believe were ever officially released.  What happened to out of band compiler updates?  Looks like we're being forced to pay for another upgrade.

  • I think I know the answer.. But...

    Is there a v120_xp platform toolset for C++ in VS2013 ?

    (Guess the answer is No... And I know, let XP die already.. But the problem is that a lot of customers refuse to update. still around 15-20% of users on XP)

  • There is a v120_xp toolset in the preview.

  • Why all the hoop jumping and delays to find out what C++ 11/14 support is in 2013?  This is only building frustration not suspense.

  • @Eric, thanks for the heads up.

    I have two questions:

    - would the customers of VS2012 get free upgrade of VS2013 GA (like Windows 8 to Windows 8.1)?

    - would we get "complete C99 support" and, by any chance, C11 support as well? c99 support is due for a long long time now! (

  • "What's New for Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2013" link is still pointing to the VS2012 version. 10:30 PST passed hours ago.

  • @Mathias, yes, there is a v120_xp toolset. It's great that they kept XP compatibility for this version too.

  • I see that the compiler still does not generate default move constructors and assign operators. A lot of lost opportunities for free optimizations.

  • So... do I have to pay another $700 for full C++11 support, or is it just an update to Visual Studio 2012?

  • OK, let's begin:

    unsupported features (doesn't compile)

    - Generalized constant expressions;

    - Explicitly defaulted and deleted special member functions;

    - Explicit conversion operators

    - Alias templates

    - Unrestricted unions

    seems to be supported (it compiles, but I didn't test them):

    - initializer list;

    - Uniform initialization

    - Alternative function syntax (trailing-return-type)

    - Delegating constructors

    ... who wanna continue to testing?

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