How is your experience developing graphics apps?

How is your experience developing graphics apps?

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Hello, my name is Rong Lu. I’m a PM on Visual C++ team working on graphics development features in VS, including asset designers, templates, graphics diagnostics, etc.. In preparation for planning for graphics tooling capabilities in the next version of Visual Studio, we’re trying to understand the needs of graphics developers better. We’d love to hear how your experience is developing graphics apps using VS today, and what you like to see in the future. This can help us focus on the right things to meet the needs of graphics developers like you.

We’d appreciate if you can take 15 min to take this survey we prepared. If you know of other graphics developers or forums where graphics developers hang out, please forward on.

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with the team! Your help is appreciated and does make an impact.

  • All by hand.  My hand.  Long.  But better.  You bet.

  • You killed PIX with VS2012, you are no my friends anymore :(

    And no, embeded  PS debugger isn't enough. Now everyone must use AMD GPU Perfstudio 2 or NVIDIA NSIGHT :|

  • I would love to see a on the metal ( i.e. absolutely no MFC ) desktop Direct2D project template, with options to include hit testing and support high density displays.

  • we had loads of improvements over hardcore graphics development using D3D and shaders, but the GUI world has been left behind. I've been using MFC for almost 5 years and have not seen any significative improvement, only the Ribbon ... Desktop world GUI design has been deprecated ... at least is how I see it.

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