Ability to debug Optimized Code (Optimized Debugging)

Ability to debug Optimized Code (Optimized Debugging)

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Optimized Debugging or in other words the ability to debug optimized code has come across as an important feature request in previous surveys.

As we start planning for the next version of Visual Studio we would like to better understand the experience that Visual Studio provides today.

In addition to this we would also like to gather requirements on what additional debugging information is required to improve this experience (for eg., debugging information for locals). 

For this purpose we would really appreciate if you can take 5-10 mins out to take this survey we have prepared :)

Link to survey for Optimized Debugging. 



  • It is a roller-coaster ride.  It is like going down the wrong alley in NYC at 3 AM.  It is like getting in the wrong bed.  It is like walking into a unisex bathroom and wondering where to go next.  It is bad.  Do not do it.  Problem solved.

  • Somebody at EA (wolf guy) have second thoughts and deleted his post?  Can that be done?  Or does the blog software now delete posts even after it makes it on board?

  • Might be of interest: randomascii.wordpress.com/.../debugging-optimized-codenew-in-visual-studio-2012

    And a VC++ Team Blog Article on wth goes wrt  /d2Zi+ would be nice.

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