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September, 2013

  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Visual Studio 2013 RC Now Available

    A few minutes ago, Soma announced the Release Candidate of Visual Studio 2013, .NET Framework 4.5.1 and Team Foundation Server 2013. Also announced was the Virtual Launch date – November 13 th , 2013: The RC release is the next big step toward...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Introducing ‘/Gw’ Compiler Switch

    A compiler can only optimize away data or a function if a compiler can prove that the data or function will never be referenced. In a non- LTCG compile (i.e. a build with Whole Program Optimization (WPO) disabled) the compiler's visibility is only limited...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Going Native 2013 - Day 1

    Going Native kicks off today! If you made it to Redmond to attend, I look forward to meeting you. If you could not make it this year, you still have a front via Channel 9 . Here is day one content: 9 am , Bjarne Stroustrup, The Essence of...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Going Native - Day 3

    Day 3 has kicked off, check to catch the latest. Sessions run the gamut, from C++ and the Windows Runtime to Exploding Tuples and another Q&A forum. See you online!
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Going Native 2013 - Day 2

    Day one is in the bag. If you are like me, you are still digesting all of the great content (and doing a few web searches to brush up on terminology/concepts). Today promises to be another excellent day. Here are the sessions: 9 am , Herb Sutter...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Friday Videos: Going Native 2013

    Going Native 2013 ended a few weeks ago, but the sessions live on in a series of videos on Channel 9. Don't have time for all of them? Here are some of the most-viewed sessions: Bjarne Stroustrup , The Essence of C++: With Examples in C++84, C+...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Visual C++ Libraries Survey

    The Visual C++ team wants to better understand how you use libraries in your day-to-day development work. Whether you’re publishing libraries, finding libraries that work on the Microsoft platforms for which you’re building your apps, or integrating...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Vector Calling Convention on channel 9

    Recently we recorded a session for 'Vector Calling Convention' on Channel 9 , as part of the “Going Native” series. Vector calling convention is a new calling convention (specially for vector types) we introduced in the VS-2013. The...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Feedback on Your C++ Development Activities

    Hello. My name is Gabriel Ha and I am a program manager on the Visual C++ team. Do you have 10-20 minutes to take a survey on C++ developer activities? We want to get a better idea of what C++ developers frequently spend their time doing when they...
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