Feedback on Your C++ Development Activities

Feedback on Your C++ Development Activities

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Hello. My name is Gabriel Ha and I am a program manager on the Visual C++ team.

Do you have 10-20 minutes to take a survey on C++ developer activities?

We want to get a better idea of what C++ developers frequently spend their time doing when they develop their C++ code. We will use your feedback to make improvements to Visual Studio to aide you in the tasks you find yourself doing all the time (and we want your feedback even if you DON’T primarily use Visual Studio)!

You’ll also have the opportunity in the survey to comment on any pain points you have when you code (in Visual Studio or otherwise), and we’ll definitely try to address oft-cited pain points in the next release!

Ready? Head on over to and take a few minutes to help us out.

We appreciate your time very much!

Best regards,
Gabriel Ha

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  • Primarily...fighting your APIs and tools to make them work correctly.

  • A lot of pain from MFC (both designer and library)

  • mfc bug on high dpi, such as CMFCPropertySheet

  • Dear Gabriel Ha, Eric Battalio  or anyone from Visual Studio team...

    Please entertain these two requests:

    - Add the ability to search in a specific folder in solution explorer. When we right click it, it should have an option "Find in this folder", clicking on it should activate "Search Solution Explorer (Ctrl+;)" but scoped to that folder and its subfolders.

    - Add a shortcut keyword Shift + Esc, so when we are performing search, pressing Shift+Esc should abort the entire operation (as opposed to Esc only which terminates the operation on the current file only). I have over 1800 files on my remote server, I was connected via FTP and I mistakenly pressed enter while I was in the middle of typing the whole thing in search dialog for entire solution... Just imagine the PAIN and AGONY I had to suffer. Because there is NO way to abort the "batch" operation!!

    There are BASIC usability features. I agree no IDE in the world can hold the candle in front of VS but seriously, you guys sometimes give really bad surprises. Please revise VS Search from various perspectives. The way it display results (you need to scroll till the end of the results to get result count!)., then there is no way to tell result count in quick search (Ctrl+F), no way to tell the position of current focused result (like 4 of 9) and much more..

    Or do we need to purchase 2014 or 2015 version for these?

  • @Baffled Developer

    1. Do you know this trick (probably one of the best VS features ever): click the Find bar (Ctrl+D) and type in ">of StartTypingTheFilenameHere"

    2. Ctrl+Break should abort search

  • @Stinkfist, both shortcuts doesn't work!!

    I have opened WordPress website hosted on remote server via FTP (File>New>Website>FTP) in Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Preview. I searched for "text" in search dialog (Ctrl+Shift+F) for entire solution (almost 1800+ file). Now Ctrl+Break doesn't work. Now I need to wait for search to be over.

    Ctrl+D doesn't do anything in my IDE (VS Ultimate 2013 preview).

  • @Baffled Developer

    Oh sorry, I misread you first question (I though you wanted to search for files, not in files). However Ctrl+D should work, but if it doesn't for some reason, one can always click the Find bar. Also looks like I remembered Ctrl+Break also wrong (though I could swear I have sometimes managed to stop hanged search with it...).

  • That... is a big survey.

    Interesting, though, it covers a lot of ground that has otherwise gone entirely ignored in VS for the last decade. Any chance of a blog post discussing the results you got from this survey, and what you're considering doing with it? (Not just once everything has been implemented and shipped to customers, but at some point in the near'ish future, just discussing the conclusions from the survey specifically, without promising specifics in terms of "what will be in VC++NN as a result of your feedback")

    I think that would be interesting.

  • Please fix these things if you get a chance:

    1) When you have a lambda that has captured some value and you are in the debugger, there is no way to see the value that was captured!  The only way I have found is to modify the code and assign the captured value to a local variable inside the lambda.


       int number = 8;

       auto MyLambda = [number](){

             //can't see the value of number here if the lambda is invoked later(perhaps via a callback)


       auto MyLambda = [number](){

            auto number2 = number;  //To fix i've resorted to doing stuff like this... I don't think I should have to do this..


    Lambdas are very common now, so not being able to reliable debug them really really sucks!

    2) When debugging a variadic template template, it does not reliably show values passed into the variadic function.  I have seen it occasionally work, but most of the time it just has no clue. This sucks!

  • Hi id like to report a crash, when you back on your browser, while there is a flash movie fullscreened. Good luck with it!

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