Going Native - Day 3

Going Native - Day 3

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Day 3 has kicked off, check http://channel9.msdn.com/?rnd=1378482692602 to catch the latest.

Sessions run the gamut, from C++ and the Windows Runtime to Exploding Tuples and another Q&A forum.

See you online!

  • Heard of it?  It mainly involves cheerleaders dancing and jumping around in short-shorts juggling pom-poms.  For next year at least consider this to start each session, and for those let's-get-to-the-car-before-everyone-else times.  Heck, bring SB back and have him do that.  You guys seem like you are sedated (and no, not the c2.dll guy specifically) and that makes me, the viewer, feel sedated. (The 30% light-speed guy was fast, but for all that, not much in return - I don't mind the lecturing, but it's pointless).  My time is up.  I could have watched a zombie movie for each of those.

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