Friday Videos: Going Native 2013

Friday Videos: Going Native 2013

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Going Native 2013 ended a few weeks ago, but the sessions live on in a series of videos on Channel 9. Don't have time for all of them? Here are some of the most-viewed sessions:

Which session did you enjoy the most (and why)?

  • Ah, that's not a fair question. I'd have to go back and bring all six sessions out of any burning building. Standouts have to be Bjarne for the clarity and wisdom, Herb for surprise and vision and Sean for some of the most beautiful refactoring I've ever seen.

    Question for you: this year was a knock out, how one earth are you going to top it next year? :-)

  • Here is a JavaScript optimizaiton challange for Microsoft compiler guys

    IE 10 and 11 takes 550ms to perform these basic operations (stress testing cases writting some 12 years ago). On same machine, edge version of Chrome takes 27ms.

    Guys please share some C++ compiler optimization magic with JavaScript team (for try-catch, string perpend, index..), make it fast so all sub-tests are completed under 10ms and make the JS compiler the most efficient. Though 500ms looks small, but its still greater than all edge versions of all major browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Opera and Safari).

    Reminds me of a quote from Fast and the Furious movie: "It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile – winning is winning."

    That's true. So please apply greedy algorithm here and save every bit where you can to be a winner. We know you can. All you need is to spare some magnificant brians for few hours and you will get sorted it out. For old times sake.. :-)

    Thank you!

  • Here is the try-catch and few other tests.

  • Apps still with their tiny, poor-contrast text, that only lay out 'properly' in default set ups.  Ribbon menus that take seconds to awaken.  Here it is all these years on and S.O.S.  Nothing changes.  Next year will be the same.

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