Creating a C++ Project from a PDB file: PDB Project

Creating a C++ Project from a PDB file: PDB Project

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For the latest information on Version 2.0, check out

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  • Any chance we could get a version that's compatible with VS2013?

  • Something useful (for those few that do makes).

    How do I get right of Sign In on the IDE?  Policy somewhere?

  • @OK, use Microsoft account (,, or register with any other domain with Live network). You will get 7GB on SkyDirve and lots of other wonderful stuff :)

  • PDB Project is superb!  We have a large portable project that's built on Windows using the Visual Studio compiler but not via the standard build system.  We've always used Visual Studio as our Windows debugger, and the addition of F12 and family to that environment is a real productivity boost.  Big thanks!

  • Please add refactoring to Visual C++,

  • Bug Found: The extension will not open PDBs using capital letters .PDB

    I have encountered a bug where the extension will not open PDBs using capital letters .PDB for the file extension.  However, if I rename the PDBs to .pdb the extension opens the file without issue.

  • @Zach, Balaji and I are working on a VS2013 release.

  • Wow!  Works great!  We use MS compiler for Windows but our build system doesn't use project files so this looks like it will fill a big gap for us.

  • @Marcello -> Coming Soon... @DigitalSnow -> Bug fixed - Will not be there in the next version of the extension or the 2013 version that is coming very soon.

  • I find it really useful. It's great when guys are sharing such an important informations.

  • The PDBProject extension for Visual Studio 2013 downloaded here:

  • How do I force it to re-scan the PDB files manually?

  • Does the new version that supports VS2013 have a refresh option to rescan the PDB files when they change?

  • Works great on projects that where build with makefiles.

    Just build it, import the *.pdb and start using your regular project environment.

    One idea to improve: works only with *.c and *.cpp files and not with *.asm files.

    I had a big project (900 source files) with a number (50) of *.asm files.

    The *.asm files where added by hand. Still a great time saver!!

  • @Rick - We are planning to release an update that informs the users about stale PDB when the user loads the PDB project. It will be available for 2012 and 2013 versions.

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