C++ in MSDN Magazine

C++ in MSDN Magazine

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Just in case you have forgotten to look at MSDN Magazine in the last few months, here are a few great articles from MVPs, Microsoft folks and other experts:

All of the articles include sample code and often larger sample projects.

Are these articles helpful? Let us know in the comments or email me at ebattali@microsoft.com.

  • You should do something about the code formatting in MSDN Magazine. It's impossible to read the code. The font and the formatting are inappropriate for code.

  • @Marius Bancila

    good point . It's impossible to read the code !?

  • @Marius, @ser

    I'll ask them if anything can be done with the existing articles. Thanks!

  • [This rant is about MSDN blog and MSDN forums; the largest platform, where most of the Microsoft folks interact with public]

    @Eric Battalio,

    On the same note, can you ask them to add MarkDown support on MSDN blogs and forums, for syntax highlighting? Now CodePlex has added its support too (like GitHub). Its easy to write code like this:



    // more code here

    // yada yada


    (replace c++ with the language name; c#, JavaScript etc. without language name, it gives code block without syntax highlighting).


    - //help.github.com/articles/github-flavored-markdown

    - //blogs.msdn.com/b/codeplex/archive/2013/01/08/codeplex-now-supports-markdown.aspx

    - //highlightjs.org/

    Also, make those websites responsive to view on mobile.

    As a web dev, when we open VS2013 and create C# > ASP.NET 4.5.1 MVC app, it creates a fully loaded responsive, rhetorical HTML5 based website, using twitter bootstrap layout framework (with hundreds of free templates available online). Even you (the C++ devs) can create a responsive app in minutes if its your first time with web development; from scratch to deploy! Thanks to Web teams @Microsoft.

    Mads Kristensen [MSFT] (Program Manager Web team) has an open source blog system written in modern C# using ASP's Razor layout engine (extremely slim; with minimal dependencies consumed) on GitHub github.com/.../MiniBlog

    And there are at least 5 tutorial on ASP.NET tutorial site for "Blog system in ASP.NET MVC" alone!

    But its sad to see that they can't convince bosses to redo MSDN blogs and forums in modern web!... when It can be revamped overnight.

  • MSJ was more useful.  No glossy paper.  No ads.  Just meat.

  • Great links! Look forward to recieve more great changes on C++.

    Jackie Zhang

    (E-XD++ Visualization: http://www.ucancode.net)

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