Advanced Developers Conference 2014

Advanced Developers Conference 2014

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The Advanced Developers Conference 2014 takes place April 29-30 in Munich. This years sessions will be about modern device apps, debugging, drivers, graphics,cloud services and much more.

The conference will host about 200 attendees with a broad range of international speakers including one or two from Microsoft. It is a great conference for developers, especially C++ developers.

They are still looking for speakers , if you are interested, please drop a line to Ulrike Selbach.

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  • Thank you Eric. I read all blog posts on VC++ blog, especially yours and STL's, hoping some day I will get what I want: two optimization techniques -> loop-invariant hoisting (LIH) and Loop-interchange (LI) optimizations. More on:

    Hope I will get to read it on your blog before this decade ends.

  • SHould that not be, Modern device apps?  Using modern device apps is lame.  Using Modern is lame but not as lame.  What is a modern device app is.  I don't know.  Do you?

  • If you don't know, how can you say its lame? logic101

  • Looking forward to this conference and learning more details about modern device apps!

    Joe Smith

  • @U

    If you knew what it is you would have offered it up.  Point scored Ms.

    ...modern device app...

    Means nothing to anyone but the person who came up with that, like Metro.  Or is that what Metro is now called.  Could be.  Or is it Modern app for some device.  Maybe device for modern app.  Nomenclature: App, Device, Modern.  That is an ongoing problem I detect at MS: can't name things that anyone but "super" beings can relate to what it is.

    Point scored Mr.

  • Is there a session dealing with the withdrawal of setup and deployment projects and there supposed  replacements?

  • nice for the update, but pleas, fix the offline documentation of the helper viewer: we still obtaining vs2012/windows sdk 8.0 documentation books instead of the vs2013/windows sdk 8.1 documentation books.

  • Are very curious technology will reach heights in 2014. I do not know what we could capture developers world. We will see...

  • I do not understand any of these modern applications. Explanations are not well defined.

  • Hope Microsoft Great VC++ team to bring us more useful good messages.


    (VC++ Visualization:

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