Winter ISO C++ Meeting Trip Report

Winter ISO C++ Meeting Trip Report

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Herb Sutter posted highlights from the Winter ISO C++ meeting held last week in sunny Issaquah, WA:

The major work of this meeting was to complete processing of the national body comments received in last summer's comment ballot for the upcoming C++14 standard. We also began comment processing for the recent corresponding ballot for the File System Technical Specification (TS).

Were your favorite changes approved?

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  • It's great to see C++ evolving so fast lately. C++14 plugs small but important holes in C++11 like make_unique. I guess the features I will use the most are generic lambdas and automatic return type deduction for functions, because they just save so much typing.

    By the way the work in the Library Fundamentals TS looks great! Bringing things like optional, any, string_view, new string search algorithms or the standardized network byte order conversions  are all very very welcome changes.

    Kinda makes you wish it was 2017 already :)

    Oh, and here's the link to Herb's post:

  • Yeah, a side note:

    I already visited isocpp before seeing this post so the link here is almost the same color as the rest of the text and I thought you omitted it. Would it be possible to change the color of visited links in this forum to something more visible? ( I know I should calibrate my screen but still ;) )

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