Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 CTP2

Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 CTP2

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Today, we have released Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 CTP2, a go-live Team Foundation Server 2013 RC and TypeScript 1.0 RC. This update release preview includes several significant feature additions as well as fixes. You can see full details in the release notes.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Check out these posts:

On the Visual C++ side, in addition to stuff done in CTP1, this update lets a developer specify his program be compiled to target latest-generation processors that support the AVX2 instruction set.

Note that this is an early version for you to check out; you will receive a reminder through the Notification Hub in Visual Studio when the final version is ready. As always, we want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements on UserVoice or vote on other user's suggestions, Visual Studio Connect site for bugs, our C++ Facebook page for general comments or drop me a line (

  • Hooray! Can you say more about the AVX2 support and performance benefits?

  • Is it going to fix any of the existing bugs?

  • Loading files tabs.  Maybe too complex a solution.  If I close the IDE I have to manually load each source file I had in a tab by hand, going by a snipped view of the open tabs across a couple of monitors.  Solution files are 1600+, across 37 active projects.  Same problem in 2012.  Even on another OS boot (same solution, so it's the .sln and whatever is loaded/or not loaded).  I think once it gave a COM error about something but not enough detail to be meaningful.  Funny thing is, when I first installed 2013 it worked, once or twice.  After doing an update I would not be surprised if it worked again, once or twice.  I had a somewhat long-lived workaround where I could set the projects to start to NONE (instead of the usual two), and tabs loaded fine for perhaps 99 out of 100 loads (literally, like that), but that ended a while ago, maybe I have too many files.  I've had this problem since I think it was updated 2 on 2012.  Before that it almost always loaded my open files in tabs.  Now, practically never.  Sure, I understand why MS shares are about where they were 10 years ago. I really do.  Not a dig, but an observation.  You need to do better.  A lot better.

  • I'm with JJ, I'd like some detailed information about what improvements to code generation occur when setting AVX2 mode.

  • @JJ, @Richard.  Our AVX2 support in this CTP, lets you generate faster code, if you are lucky enough to be running one of the new tablets or PCs that support the AVX2 instruction set - introduced with Intel's "Haswell" processor.  

    So, we generate (automatically, within the compiler) scalar & vector FMA instructions ("Fused Multiply-Add") and make use of the wider vector lanes - 256 bits! - supported by AVX2.  

    There's a lot more to describe, obviously.  I'll write up a blog and post it here in the next few days.

  • @NotStillRedux, if the opened tabs don't get persisted between VS sessions it might be because VS fails to write this information into the .suo file (sitting side-by-side with the sln file). If you can verify that this file is not accidentally read-only (e.g. unintentionally part of source control), then you're likely running into a VS bug.

    The best course of action then is to open a Connect bug ( and our team will investigate this issue. You can post back the link to the Connect bug as a comment in this thread in case someone else here running into the same issue wants to track its progress.

  • Any words on the compiler magic required for implementing few remaining C99 features?

    Is it happening in Update 2?

    If no, will it every happen: The VS version with FULL C99 and C11 support?

    Respect C

    Thank you.

  • Jim

    Looking forward to it. Did you add any additional #pragma controls?

    Would it be possible to get an update to the vectorizer cookbook to go along with it? It does not look like it has been updated since Visual Studio 2012.

  • Hello.

    VS 2013 has great autoformatting system for C++ code which lacks some small (and probably easily implementable), but important features like this

    Bugs in autoformatting are being fixed, e.g. bad formatting of nested statements was fixed in Update 1 and it was a good sign

    But can we hope that small improvements like this can get into VS 2013 updates and not into VS 2014-2015-...?

  • Hi Vladimir,

    I've confirmed with our dev that control for namespace indentation has been checked in and will be available in Update 2 RTM (vs. CTP). Look forward to it in a few weeks!

  • Can someone tell me if the new update will fix this problem or when and where it will be fixed


  • Does this update fix the (very annoying) issue where the C++ project property pages get corrupted as you edit them?

    This is the connect item I think:

  • I installed the update 2 mentioned in this post. I can confirm it does NOT fix the problem of uicc.exe from the windows 8.1 sdk kit not running at all on Windows 7.

    There is no meaningful reply to that connect bug (surprise surprise).

    Can someone please address this situation and reply so there is at least a meaningful note in the connect bug, otherwise you've wasted someone's time to bother to write it up in the first place and my time to mention it here. It might also have prevented me bothering to apply the update mentioned in this post on the off chance it might fix it, because I've no idea when it will be fixed so what else are people supposed to do.

    It's not like the bug is hard to reproduce, the program simply doesn't run.

  • Can someone (anyone) please take the time to tell me when the Connect bug below will be fixed? The Update related to this blog didn't fix it and I've asked previously on the VC blog about it and heard nothing. Nobody has updated the status of the bug meaningfully on Connect either. I find both these facts pretty bad and I imagine the person(s) who took the time to write up the Connect issues in the first place feel even worse about it.

    You know if it's likely been fixed or not simply by running the latest build of uicc.exe with no parameters at a command prompt on Windows 7, and it will crash right out with an error message if it's not been fixed for Windows 7.

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