A Case of the Twitters

A Case of the Twitters

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Do you watch the Twitterverse for interesting stuff about C++, development, life, the universe and everything? We do and in today's post share some recent Tweets that crossed our (@visualc) path:

  • Users are not morons, ok maybe we are. but if i screw up and shut it down guess what ... i can restart it. Yes! This feature exists! [Jared Parsons @jaredpar]
  • It feels like major shortcoming in the stl container design that if( auto i = map.find(k) ) i->... doesn't work. I miss that idiom. [Sarah Laing @sklaing]
  • Just noticed @visualc is following me. Time to make feature requests. Support /incremental with /clr :) [Steve Anichini @solid_angle, we listen to suggestions via Twitter!]
  • Notable question (2500 views) only 3 upvotes. People really don't vote on questions, do they? stackoverflow.com/q/11615998/203… [Kate Gregory @gregcons]
  • Quick and Dirty JSON Config Files with C++ Reflection donw.org/b/?d=2014-03-0… [Don Williamson @Donzanoid]
  • Bjarne Stroustrup - 16 ways to stack a cat: isocpp.org/blog/2014/03/s… #cpp [Meeting C++ @meetingcpp]
  • Android and Java Developers: We Have a SignalR SDK for You! Get it here: spr.ly/6016g6ri [Visual Studio @VisualStudio]
  • "I used to be a C++ programmer but then I took an arrow to the tilda T" [Vyacheslav Egorov @mraleph]

And for those of you at the SCSW conference:

Join @Microsoft at @sxsw. Drop on by for events, meetups, parties & more http://spr.ly/60115C3l [Microsoft News @MSFTnews]

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  • Not sure that's the tweet of mine that you wanted to put on the C++ blog :)

  • @JaredPar We love it. Sometimes developers run into...problems :)

  • SCSW stands for what again?

    Is that the russ-ian character for x?

    How is this spam?

  • Speaking of votes, in case you guys didn't noticed the most viewed question on StackOverflow stackoverflow.com/.../11227809.

    That loop interchange and loop-invariant-hoisting optimizations for branch prediction doesn't exists in VS.

    You guys have any plans in foreseeable?

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