CTP2 for Visual Studio "14" Now Available

CTP2 for Visual Studio "14" Now Available

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You have probably already heard, but CTP2 for Visual Studio "14" is now available.

It has only been a month since the last CTP so the list of updates is short, but we did make a few editor enhancements as detailed on the Visual Studio blog.

Please kick the tires and send us any feedback, questions, comments, etc. You can always email me, Eric, at ebattali@Microsoft.com.


  • Is it now safe to install alongside earlier versions?

    The download notes only mention it is unsafe for CTP1, I'd rather see it explicitly spelt out that its safe for CTP2 if that is what is intended.

    I realise there is risk in installing any CTP but I'm not looking at a production machine.

  • @Rob, seems like it still can't be installed alongside VS2013 :-( From the CTP2 part of the KB article:

    •There are known issues when you install Visual Studio "14" CTP 14.0.21901.1 DP on the same computer as Visual Studio 2013. While we expect that an uninstallation of Visual Studio "14" and then a repair of Visual Studio 2013 should fix these issues, our safest recommendation is to install Visual Studio "14" in a virtual machine, a virtual hard disk (VHD), a fresh computer, or another non-production test-only computer that does not have Visual Studio 2013 on it. These Visual Studio side-by-side issues are expected to be fixed soon.

  • Is the option to disable the ALL CAPS menu available yet?

  • @Olaf: I'm not sure if there is an "option"...we just went ahead and removed the caps ;)

  • Can multibyte mfc libraries please be made available for CTP2???  We want to try a new C++ feature in 2014 and our project requires mbcs mfc libs.  The project is too large to change from mbcs in the near future, and we really want to test this feature (unrestricted unions) in our full blown application to see if it will meet all our needs.

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