C++ Runtime for Sideloaded Windows 8.1 apps

C++ Runtime for Sideloaded Windows 8.1 apps

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A while ago we posted about how the distribution and deployment of C++ Runtime as a dependency was handled through the Windows Store. That mechanism works for apps that are themselves distributed through the Store. However, there are cases in which you need to build apps that don't ship through the Windows Store, for example enterprise apps that are deployed only within your company. For such scenarios you need to use an alternate deployment mechanism called sideloading, which has been further improved in Windows 8.1 update.

In case of apps that have a dependency on the Visual C++ 2013 Runtime (the Microsoft.VCLibs.120.00 framework), the framework package needs to be distributed and deployed along with the app. In order to facilitate this scenario for sideloaded apps, we have made the framework packages available here. The distributable code page for VS2013 has been updated to provide redistribution rights for these packages (here). No developer license is required on the target machine in order to deploy these framework packages.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.

  • In case all users have latest MSVCR installed, will this still be installed or it checks the system before installing dependency? That would be really helpful when the enterprise will have large amount of packages.

  • @Jake: VCLibs framework package is installed system-wide and all apps share the dependency on the same framework package

  • Why doesn't Windows offer to install the runtime (via the Store) automatically when it detects a (sideloaded) app requires it?

  • man met visru kautkadu bridinajumu saaistitu ar so programmu. vai kads zin kapec?

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